LSU Mo Claiborne Allegedly Scores 4 on Wonderlic Test & It Doesn’t Matter


Even though these scores aren’t suppose to be leaked, they come out anyway.

The only way to get a 4 on a Wonderlic test is if your aren’t even trying, drunk, high or mentally retarded. I am going to assume Claiborne just wasn’t taking it very seriously.

With that being said you don’t need to be a genius to play in the NFL.

Playing in the NFL is about instincts, physical abilities, intangibles and football intelligence. That is what will determine if Claiborne is a good player or not.

Not word problems about how many trains Little Johnny had to take to get to Manhattan if he only had $3 and a train ride cost 25c a mile.

As I said on Twitter…..


  1. I could care less, I only care about can he play (and stay out of trouble).

    The people who leak this stuff need their anus kicked. Not cool at all.

    • Welcome to the world of being an NFL Agent because I guarantee you it was an agent representing some other player that got this information and leaked it out.

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