Michael Jordan Threatening To Sell The Charlotte Bobcats

If I were a Bobcats fan or connected to the front office in any way, I would use reverse psychology on MJ to get him to sell the team asap.

Apparently frustrated with the financial losses of the franchise, Jordan has indicated that he may want out of the Charlotte Bobcats:

“I told [GM Rich Cho] to make us better,” Jordan said recently, according to Mitch Lawrence of the New York Daily News. “If that doesn’t work and I can’t make a profit in the next three to four years, then I’m selling.”

Jordan bought a minority stake in the Bobcats on June 15, 2006. In the six seasons since, the team has made the playoffs just once, in 2010, and was emphatically swept in the first round. This year’s ‘Cats are 7-42, by far the worst record in the NBA.

The Bobcats lost $20 million last season, and they’re expecting more of the same this year.

Jordan sought majority ownership of the Bobcats in February 2010 and was approved on March 17. Just two years in, he’s already looking for a buyer to bail him out of half his stake in the team.

The damage is done in Charlotte. If I were MJ, I’d call it quits. You’ve got a new hot wife (prenup included this time), the title of the greatest basketball player in recent NBA history, and beaucoup amounts of money from a great shoe business.

Jordan money is long and isn’t stopping anytime soon. Why not release and relax?