Mohammad El Akkari Scores 113 in Lebanese League Basketball Game

The wild part about this is that coming into the game Akkari was averaging less than 8 points a game.  It would be like Matt Barnes out of the blue having a 50 point night.

Wasn’t much defense being played during this game, but still the numbers are crazy.

The Tripoli star dropped 113 points in a 173-141 win over Bejjeh in a Lebanese Division A League Final 8 game.  It was the first time that anyone scored over 100 points in an official FIBA Asia National Federations game. Akkari was on fire all night.  He shot 40 for 69 including 32 of 59 from three point land.  Before this game, he was only averaging 7.6 points per game.

Can’t even do that on the rookie level of NBA2k12.

I know JR Smith is wishing he signed with that league so he could shoot 59 three points a night, he would miss 50 though.