ND Coach Muffet McGraw on Brittney Griner: “She is Like a Guy Playing With Women”

Sometimes honesty makes people uncomfortable.

There is a fine line between being honest and unfairly slandering. Brittney Griner isn’t a man, but she does have a manly voice, manly features and plays basketball like a man.

That last point is why she is such a great Women’s basketball player. Muffet McGraw was just stating the obvious when she said this.

People got their panties in a bunch over the comment (no pun intended), but it was a compliment and it was the truth. I understand people can be mean to Griner, but did you see the slander Anthony Davis took over his grill?

Just comes with the territory of being a great player.

Don’t be sensitive just because she is a girl……allegedly, I am joking relax have a Capri Sun.

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