New Book Claims OJ Simpson’s Son Jason was the Real Killer of Ron and Nicole


I always wanted to be a sports journalist, but as you know I have been known to put on the detective hat from time to time.

This is a true story, many years ago I had a discussion about the OJ Simpson’s case with friend who I don’t remember at the present moment.

My question was a simple one, knowing the physical condition that OJ Simpson was in at the time (not very good) you had to wonder how he could fend off a younger, and in shape, Ron Goldman?

Not saying that he couldn’t, but I always wondered.

Even back then there were some who thought that OJ was the fall guy for his son, who was younger and physically stronger at the time of his murders. So this isn’t a new revelation, but now there is some evidence to possibly back up those claims.

From the title of William Dear’s new book O.J. Is Innocent and I Can Prove It, one may think that O.J. Simpson has an ally. But Dear’s finger is pointed right at Simpson’s own son, Jason Simpson, who was 24 at the time that his dad was on trial for the murder of Nicole Simpson Brown and Ronald Goldman. In the book, which is due to hit stores on Monday, Dear, a private investigator assigned to the 1994 case, details what he and his team of forensic experts have found over the past 17 years.

In his argument, he states that O.J. went through the long trial and investigations to cover for his son, now 41, who is living in Miami where he works as a cook, according to the New York Post. Dear’s evidentiary support includes items found in Jason’s locker and trashcan including a hunting knife that forensic experts believe is the actual murder weapon and Jason’s habit of wearing knit caps similar to the one left at the crime scene that was actually never linked to O.J. Dear also looks into Jason’s personality and brings his drug abuse and domestic violence history along with his anger management issues to the surface.

I was never convinced that OJ did it, but I was always convinced that OJ was involved.

Only one person knows if Jason was involved 100% and he is in prison for being the dumbest person on the planet.

Before I let you go check out this picture taken right after OJ was found not guilty.  Look at his son’s expression.


  1. “I don’t see how the expression on Jason Simpson in this photo could lead anyone to believe he was involved in the murders. Maybe he was pissed at his father for killing his mother and wanted his father to go to jail for the crime (a much more logical assumption for his expression).”

    Um duhhh…Jason Simpson is not Nicole’s son. OJ was married to a woman named Marguerite for many years before later marrying Nicole, and Jason is OJ and Marquerites’ son.

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