OJ Simpson’s Home Being Foreclosed On, He Blames His Daughter Arnelle

OJ Simpson is still the dumbest person on the planet.

When you get away with the crime of the century even though there is some doubt now (New Book Claims OJ Simpson’s Son Jason was the Real Killer of Ron and Nicole) you just need to fall off the map.

The Juice had a pension that no one could touch. It was more than enough money for him to play golf and just fade off  the public radar.

But almost immediately after being set free, OJ kept tempting fate. Run ins with the law and bad PR moves (remember the book about how OJ would tell you how he would have killed his ex wife) for years haunted him.

Until he finally crapped out when he ran up in a Vegas hotel room with armed men to get back some memorabilia that was his.  What made him think that in Vegas off all places that would be OK is beyond me.

Now he is in jail basically for being an idiot and there is nothing he can do about his home being foreclosed on or his daughter spending all his money.

Since 2008, the retired NFL player has been serving a 33 year prison sentence in Nevada with a chance of parole in 2017 on a kidnapping charge. Apparently, Simpson left his 43-year-old daughter in charge of making payments on his four bedroom, four bath home with his $25,000 a month NFL pension payments.

The monthly mortgage on the home, that Simpson bought in 2000 for $575,000, is $3,133 and according to records, a mortgage payment has not been paid since 2010.

A source reports to the National Enquirer that perplexed “O.J. was forced to sign paperwork to fight the foreclosure. He couldn’t get over it.”

The source stated, “In one phone call from prison to Arnelle, O.J. became very angry with her for squandering his pension on alcohol, shopping, and a lavish lifestyle instead of paying his bills that he trusted her to do.”

5 thoughts on “OJ Simpson’s Home Being Foreclosed On, He Blames His Daughter Arnelle

  • Robert Littal, I hope that you are not black, because if you are you are right next to OJ Simpson in dumbass-ness. Your problem is that you are pretending to be a journalist, how serious, is still debatable. The truth is however, you are regurgitating information from corrupt court officers fed to a lazy American press that did no due diligence of their own but accepted the age old adage that “the N****’s guilty!”. If you really had done your due diligence, you would have found as we (OMIG) did, that OJ Simpson’s wife was on the phone at 11PM while he was in the backseat of a chauffeur driven limo at 11PM rushing to LAX to catch an 11:45PM flight to CHI. The time was turned back by a phony stipulation by lawyers 80 minutes to 9:37 PM, after haggling about the accurate phone record behind closed doors for over 7 months in 1994-95. The actual phone record was removed by secret court order from Judge John Reid by DDA Wm Hodgman in April 1998. It’s all in the book “Pursuit of Exhibit 35 in the OJ Simpson Murder Trial” or the documentary “Serpents Rising: The OJ Simpson Conspiracy” at amazon.com

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