Pau Gasol on Blake Griffin Dunk: “I’ll Take Wins Over Highlights Anyday!!!”


I am torn because just look at this………….

On every single level that is a soul taking dunk. The type of dunk that has your girlfriend switching sides in the middle of the game.

But on the flipside.

Pau is a 100% correct.

Like I mentioned on Twitter Blake Griffin is like Jeff Hardy, if you are asking yourself…

“Who in the blue hell is Jeff Hardy?”

Watch this….

Blake Griffin has a lot of highlight plays, but his overall game is lacking. He is still young, but he is more of a dunker than a fundamentally sound basketball player.

Until then, Pau will get the last laugh, actually Andrew Bynum gets the last laugh.


  1. Pau Gasol has 2 rings, his team has the division lead, has the lead in the season series and can/has dominated a game to wins while leading his team (Lakers/Grizz) to the playoffs.

    Blake had 2 nice dunks last night.

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