Paulina Gretzky Instagram Photos Cause My Caucasian Brothers to Go Nuts


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Paulina Gretzky reminds me of every cute white girl I went to school with at The Ohio State University.

The only difference is that back then there wasn’t Instagram, so these type of activities were only documented on those cheap instant cameras at Walgreens.

The Sports Grid captured Paulina having a good time, but it wasn’t like TMZ was stalking her, these pics are all on her public timeline on Twitter.

Poor Wayne Gretzky, what must be going through his mind when he sees pics like this.

37 thoughts on “Paulina Gretzky Instagram Photos Cause My Caucasian Brothers to Go Nuts

  • girl could use a few burgers and milk shakes…just one caucasion observation

  • Rob, I have a question for you. What is the difference between her and the other “twodels” you bash. Is it because she is slightly cute and white? Is it because she has Gretsky as a last name? She is what she is an… “extremely thirsty individual”

  • I like my women with big butts!!! Not skinny white chicks!!

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  • Ok, I agree.. PAWN STARS is at least watchable, the “repo” people are not even good enough to call a joke.. The BUGGED eyed dude with the Glasses on, the White dude… Ever see him without the glasses? Lol.. Funny looking sob… And the hideous woman (Jabba the Hut) is the nastiest woman on the planet that isn’t called a planet! I think she has to be CGI because I’ve never seen a real person that looked like that. And you are spot on, JABBA THE HUT  is the closest “thing” that reassembles her, or it, or whatever it is….  NASTY !

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