Pilar Sanders Arrested for Assault on Deion Sanders


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Pilar Sanders has just been arrested on ASSAULT FAMILY VIOLENCE which is a Class C Misdemeanor, you can view the booking information below from the Collin County Detention Center. This is a BSO Exclusive we reported it first.

I must admit that is one of the prettiest mugshots of all time. The woman knows how to take a pretty picture regardless of the situation.

No charges have been filed against Deion Sanders in the incident.

Here is a timeline of what led to this arrest.

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Deion Sanders Says Pilar Sanders Attacked Him & He is Pressing Charges

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Deion Sanders JR Says Pilar Sanders is “Lucky” He Wasn’t There

According to our sources the crux of the issue came from the fact that most in the media were giving Deion Sanders a pass on going out with Tracey Edmonds even though Pilar has pointed out that she believes Edmonds is one of the women than Deion has cheated on her with.

No, knows exactly what happened with Pilar went into Deion’s bedroom.

We only know Deion’s said of the story, but at some point it turned physical. Deion did a good job of restraining himself or he would be in jail right now.

Currently Pilar is still being held in jail, when she is released we will get her side of the story and update you.

15 thoughts on “Pilar Sanders Arrested for Assault on Deion Sanders

  • WHAT A NUT…….

  • She knows that the train of good fortune ($$$) is leaving the station without here and can’t handle it.

    Psycho Babe….

    • that’s a shame…. that it had to go that far. and for the kids to say she better be glad.that they were not there.But we don’t no what really happen.deion needs to grow up and stop sleeping around on his wife.he’s getting to old for this mess.

  • Y put the drama on his wife? We only know half of the story! All the AA rich men in the USA have always had chicks on the side. They leave their wives and kids, to be with a floozie on the side! Tracey Edmonds is always in somebody else’s bed!! Cause face did her wrong? First Eddie Murphy now Deion Sr? What a loser! So what they were estranged, and so was u and face! But Deion has always been a womanizer and Pilar got fed up!!! Do you girl!! Deion was foul to press charges on two women when 300 lb men was hitting him every Sunday! Now he can’t take a hit? Or his feelings were hurt cause two women beat him up in front of boys? No condoning violence bt damn Deion!!!! MAN UP!!!!!

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