Playing With Lamar Odom Was Like Going to War With Wet Gunpowder Says Mavs

Haven’t heard that analogy before.

I guess Lam Lam wasn’t even good enough to bring Knives to Gun Fight. Cold blooded.

Now that the two parties have parted ways, Mavs’ Donnie Nelson fired off, comparing Odom to “wet gunpowder.”

“It’s like going to war with wet gunpowder,” Mavs president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson said.

There are some unconfirmed rumors Odom and Dirk got into a physical altercation and that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  I wouldn’t be shocked if true, but the reality is Odom whined his way out of Dallas.

You have to wonder if any team will think he is worth the trouble next year.