Rams Will Monitor CB Janoris Jenkins Daily Activities

Hopefully they will provide him with condoms and something to curtail his weed addiction.

General Manager Les Snead told Peter King of SI.com that it would have been tougher to pick Jenkins if they weren’t so well-stocked with picks and he also said that the team is going to do whatever it can to assure that the gamble pays off.

Snead or another Rams official will be checking in with Jenkins every day to talk about his life in hopes of making sure that Jenkins isn’t getting into any more trouble. Snead also made it clear to Jenkins that he’s going to be closely monitored.

“I looked the kid in the eye and said, ‘It’s you and me,’” Snead said.

No matter how closely the Rams monitor Jenkins they can’t be with him 24/7 it is on him to do the right things.

Only time will tell.

3 thoughts on “Rams Will Monitor CB Janoris Jenkins Daily Activities

  • Damn shame when you have to baby sit a grown-ass man cause he has no self control. It won’t work, the cowboys tried it with pacman jones…..he still got in trouble….they should put in his contract..you f*ck up and your ass is out…

    • Co-sign. It makes you wonder who is raising some of these guys. If it weren’t for sports in their lives, they’d most likely be in prison or 6-feet deep. Yes that sounds harsh but it’s reality.

  • This is definetly a 50/50 situation. Jenkins could ahve easily been at least a high second draft pick if he didn’t have so many issues at UF. Amazing skill set, bad personality.

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