Read The Handwritten Notes Detailing Bobby Petrino’s Affair With Jessica Dorrell

I am not personally interested in reading all of this.

But it might be a lazy Saturday for some of you, so if you want to check out Arkansas Jeff Long detailing all of Bobby Petrino’s lies, you can check out here courtesy of Deadspin.  Basically it plays out like a scene from Menace 2 Society.  I am surprised Long didn’t say.

“You know you done f*ck up right?”

Here are a few of the violations Long jotted down on Petrino.

• Fail[ed] to disclose to me that you had a previous or on-going relationship with Jessica prior to hiring her. (University conflict of interest issue.)

• You attempted to cover up her presence on motorcycle and your relationship [from] me and the public.

• You failed to disclose you gave Jessica $15,000.

• Those actions brought about negative attention to program, department and university.

• That is conduct that is clearly contrary to the character and responsibility of your position.

You can read the rest here along with quotes from Jessica Dorrell and her fiancé Josh Morgan.  I can’t wait to the Lifetime movie comes out.

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