Retired NBA Player Joe Smith aka Joe Beast Rap Single “Superstar”

When athletes retired or can’t play anymore they get bored.

So, they venture out into other things to keep them occupied. One of those things rapping. Many NBA players have tried most have failed (Shaq was the most successful one).

Joe Smith is 37 years old and his playing days appear to be over. The Former #1 pick has been dabbling in rap music for awhile and since he isn’t making love to any NBA benches anymore, he can concentrate on it full time.

What do you think about his single “Superstar” from his upcoming mixtape.

One thought on “Retired NBA Player Joe Smith aka Joe Beast Rap Single “Superstar”

  • Well listening to this song, I would say that with the income of a NBA player, he needs to invest in a better singer and a better writer who specialize in rap/hip hop. We could recommend some writers such as Dresta Da Gangsta, Crooked I, Dirty Birdy or even Lo’key tha yg, and Miz Tasti to help him out. Let us know boss if you wish to really get down with this rap career. This song was just ok

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