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Robert Griffin III Buys His Fiancée Rebecca Liddicoat a Bentley, Maybe

by Robert Littal | Posted on Monday, April 30th, 2012
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You have to remember RG3 wasn’t always thought of as a 1st round draft pick. If you go back to his junior year some scouts *cough* Todd McShay *cough* projected him to be a Wide Receiver in the NFL.

Rebecca Liddicoat has been with him for a long time, even back when he blew his knee out and people were wondering if he would ever be the same.

So, while many think he should drop her, loyalty in women is a hard quality to find these days, so I am salute RG3 for staying strong.

Robert Griffin III is the most recent Heisman Trophy winner and was just selected as the #2 overall draft pick by the Washington Redskins. A few people are projecting him as being the next big football star. He’s also engaged to this nice little lady he met back at Baylor.

His little jawn was seen around the Maryland area copping a brand new Bentley. That’s normal for a big-time NFL player, buuuuut RGIII hasn’t even signed a damn contract yet!

The Bentley could have been sponsored or better yet RG3 already has big time sponsors in Subway and Adidas so I am sure he can afford it.  Maybe she was just test driving it, but to call her a groupie or gold digger is a bit much.

Just always remember what happened to Antoine Walker and T.O.

Make sure to manage your money properly, don’t put it into hands you can’t trust, keep the entourage small and invest wisely.

Also read my Cheating Commandments and he will be fine.


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  1. Gabriel says:

    I’m pretty sure that with his family background and their relationship history, this is a non-story.

    Check it:

  2. Maria says:

    This story was on MTO. According to them a MTO reader saw her driving a new Bentley. In other words this story is bullshit. They alsways start some bs.

  3. Strong Black Woman says:

    Another brother who gives riches to his caucasian woman. Bet ya 2 million that if the girlfriend was black she sould have gotten a “thank you for staying by my side baby” and dumped for the always available big tit whitey. I am a Redskins fan but now I will have to root for my other teams. Racist? You damned right I am!!

    • Another Strong Black Woman says:

      Amen…this HURTS!

    • Andrew Clock says:

      he probably doesnt want to marry a ignorant blacky though.

    • Dave says:

      Well if you like the rest of the “strong black women” maybe he dont want one that is 300 lbs..just sayin white is right

      • Ray says:

        I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much hatred towards black women. I am hoping you are not a brotha, because that would mean that your mother is/was a black woman. Now, if you’re white, I could understand the perception…especially if you are a white woman posting as a white guy. A lot of white women with black dudes I see are pushing that 300lb limit. Also, just as white women have the mandingo complex, white men seem to have it as well. They seem better equipped to handle black women. I read somewhere that no man wants a strong woman…you will after having a weak one. Trust. We are becoming comfortable with these negative stereotypes–black guys are good for running balls and breeding. We’re never praised by white women for being intelligent. Sad thing, there are more sistas in higher education than brothas. My wife, is a professor/educator and is a mensa. She is also very black. She was told by so many brothers that because of how smart she was that she was going to have to marry a white dude. I think we should be offended that our race is attached the stigma that the best, brightest, and richest MUST be with white people. Last time I checked history and roots, I thought a black person making it was incredible…2 making it together is damn near unheard of. The last thing black men really want is for the strength, culture, and I guess intelligence of our race to think we no longer desire them or know their worth. I loved my mother, grandmother, and sisters so much that I could never utter some of the things some of these ignorant black males are uttering. White is right?–lol, for real “bruh” and I bet you don’t even see the irony in that–that is if you are black.

      • de says:

        There is alot of fat women in this world. I guess he will have to pay for botox too. Black don’t crack.

    • big dick white boy! says:

      Don’t be hatin’ on da white gurl, u nappy headed ho! She better just stay with RGIII, becuz as they say “once u go black, ur not allowed back!”.

      • Ray says:

        You certainly seem to be comfy with stereotyping people. Nappy headed ho? As a white guy, do you know what “nappy is”? Would having dreads classify one as having a “nappy head?” Because you can’t comb dreads, so then many bruthas out there are sporting nappy heads. Black women are born with the same hair type as black men, so I am hoping you are not some scary bruh trending as a white boy. As we further delve into stereotypes, as you seem to find comfort there, I find your name comical. To many blacks, that would be an oxymoron-or contradiction of the funniest sorts. BIG d*** white boy?–Do those exist? lol. They can’t, because in your reality only stereotypes can be true–so your name only magnifies that which you wish you had. Yes, I am black, and as you fear–I am typing this with my d*** while standing in the other room. Stereotypes right? And maybe my wife is nappy headed, when she goes natural…but it hasn’t stopped white men or any other nationality for that matter from THINKING they could step to her. So, your small truth matches your small ****, and all white women want black men to screw, lie on, take money from, and say we raped them–stereotypes right? And if your last saying is correct, does that mean that since you chatted in black sports online–the rest of the net won’t allow you back?

    • khalil says:

      damn right u are, you’re just mad that he’s not dating u, and you’re still broke, u self-hating low life bitch, stop fuckin hating

    • Doug says:

      You are so racist dude.

    • Aloysius McGillicuddy says:

      Best wishes for the newlyweds.
      I doubt it was a conscious slam to sisters, just some dudes like light meat and some like dark meat. No offense to anyone. It’s just what does it for him.

    • mike says:

      sound like a bitter fat black bitch. if you attitudes weren’t so shitty and reeking of entitlement. maybe brothas would want you. good for him not having to deal with a racist entitled bitch.

  4. cxd says:

    A Bentley ? Without being hitched (I know they are engaged) ?

    Seriously, you just gave her something to get “jacked” in.

  5. LB says:

    Everybody is entitled to their opinion and people can date/mate whomever they what……..

  6. Evan says:

    Strong Black Woman, I appreciate you being honest with your racism, but perhaps you should alter your name to “Angry Black Woman” instead. lls…and yep, I’m black.

    • Another Strong Black Woman says:

      Are you a woman? If not you could not possibly understand how sad this is…

      • Jon says:

        Your name is another testament to why brothas aren’t checking for you women. While white women and women of other races have figured out the game, you sistas prefer to wallow in ignorance.

        Men are NOT attracted to strength, YA DUMMY! Women are attracted to strength. You want a strong man. So why do you run around bragging on your so-called “strength? All we need is peace and respect. We are not asking for too much. But you come with your wack attitude, ignorance, excess weight and diva complex…Then you wonder why brothas drop you all as soon as we get some options.
        There is nothing like a black woman who knows how to treat a man. But most of you all don’t …It’s the sad truth. And it is due to the matriarchal BS in the black community. All these women running the family because the father is absent. They breed all these ignorant, loud daughters and irresponsible sons.

        You all better learn and stop complaining about white women. The white woman saw what she wanted and went after it. By the way, I went to Baylor. When RGII wasn’t big…he was basically a nerd…and where were all you sistas? Messing with the thugs. So Shut up.

        You’re not strong…You’re weak. How can you be strong when you are LOSING? The white girl is WIINING.

        • Ray says:

          Matriachal BS? Man…I hope your mother isn’t black. The main argument you should have is all the absent BLACK fathers! You are a perfect example of the problem–a black man (I believe) who does not realize that black men have been a root problem for our race for many generations. Irresponsible sons are born to these irresponsible fathers who ran out, and mothers who did not protect themselves.

          A man does want a woman with strength, well, unless he wants to beat her down–tell her what to do. They raise daughters who follow suit. Strength in no way is an enemy of peace and respect….funny you chose those words when you have to have enough strength and fight to ensure both of those.

          As a brother, I have to say that I notice that many other brothas are very weak. They don’t have the fortitude, work ethic, common sense of black men from the early 20th century. As educated black professesionals, I saw nothing but black women in my Ph.D courses. If you research, there are more black women in higher ed than black men. The downfall of black women is that they are taught to stay within the race. Black boys are taught to spread their seeds wherever they can. Honestly, black women seem to suffer more for staying within their race. May I remind, divorce rates are still at an all time high–if you assertation about black men and white women were correct, that would mean that more black men are marrying white women–and are still divorcing them at high rates.
          I wanted a woman I could work for–I didn’t want one that was accessible. I wanted a woman who could keep it going, if I ever fell. “Wack attitudes?” Psuedo intelligence and worth is much worse, and too many brothas have those–along with undeserved egos. Check ya self bruh. You got our whole breed looking like some self hating hounds who ended up at the end of ropes in the movie Birth of a Nation. My black girl is WINNING, and SO AM I! Most black women know how to treat black men, in fact they do it so good, sons never move out of mama’s house.

          • Denean says:

            Thanks Ray! Finally, a “Real Brotha” who really gets it!!!

          • Jack says:

            Ray needs to step out of his echo chamber and into the world where successful black men live. A lot of my friends are black men, and we are for the most part very successful and well-rounded men. We ALL agree that black women make things difficult in the dating arena.

            And seriously, “strength” is not the primary characteristic a man is looking for in a woman. He is looking for someone to be a mother to his children.

            “A man does want a woman with strength, well, unless he wants to beat her down–tell her what to do. ”

            That’s just a very silly assertion. Obviously, we want strength of character and fortitude, but all this talk about “I am a strong black woman” is counter productive. Your professions of strength don’t make any man more attracted to you. He will see the beauty and strength of character if you really have these qualities. And if he doesn’t, well, either you don’t, or he is not much of a man.

            Most of what you’ve said about black men is correct. Yes, black men in America are messing up. Yes, most of the black people in my MBA class were women. It’s sad. But all that said, the issue here is black women and their dating problems.

            With all the issues with black men, I still see black women making fundamental mistakes all the time. I don’t care if my woman makes more than me…She just needs to avoid being overly confrontational and she definitely needs to avoid being disrespectful. Unfortunately, the history of this country has created a situation where some black women don’t seem to respect black men. It is unfortunate and makes me sick.

          • Jack says:

            I forgot about this little gem:

            “Most black women know how to treat black men, in fact they do it so good, sons never move out of mama’s house.”

            This is stupidity on full display. You are making light of the dysfunctional state of the black family, in which these young boys don’t take responsibility for impregnating girls, and the girls don’t learn from their broke moms and keep spreading their legs unprotected. The situation is sick.

            And then you make some other point about how men value a woman they have to chase. There’s a difference between chasing when you are trying to get someone to be your woman, and having to deal with BS challenges on a consistent basis, and many of these black women are so used to dating worthless men, that they don’t know what to do with a successful one.

          • RAY says:

            Stop basing what you say off of you and your black male friends…give me research. I am sure your friends are just like you, birds of a feather. So I really don’t care what you all agree on. Bring me stats, bring me research, bring me an opinion backed by someone other than your basement friends.

            “We all agree that black women make things difficult in the dating arena.” I would say difficult is the idea that the black women are actually in the arena as opposed to filling up jails. Black men make dating difficult. For years, men have known if you want to find a good black girl, go to church. How many men do you see flocking to church to get one of these women? We know women are there. This lets me know that brothas like you and your friends are not looking for good black women. Also, a woman is not supposed to find you. You should find her.

            Why is her talk about being a strong black woman counter productive? Especially if she is. My sister was raised to tell men that, so that they would know what they were getting when they tried to make her acquaintance. Should she greet you with I’m an easy woman?

            Furthermore, I was pointing out the irony of your idea that black women do not know how to treat black men–that this is untrue because many know how to treat their husbands, sons, etc. I wasn’t making making light, wish you were intelligent enough to see the true purpose of the comment.

            This dysfunction is not created by black women, it is created by black men. We leave the homes and leave women to raise the black boys we create. We come up with so many bit**as* excuses as to why we can’t make families work with these black women, then we run out and have more children–and don’t raise those either. Put the blame where it belongs, with our so called black MEN. Our country did not create a situation where black women lost respect for black men…as if white women respect us any more than black women ever could. Many times we are likened to dogs and race horses. Our country created situations in which black men had to leave the homes, however, what we did when we left the homes was purely up to us. I’m not talking about slavery. I am speaking of the years from reconstruction on up. Black men would have 3 and 4 families in the same damn town. The country didn’t create that situation…we did. And it is more than understandable that black women lost respect for these black men. Then, they spread all these diseases to women who waited at home, ready to love them. That is how they were repaid.

            Black women can be as confrontational as they what! Do you not realize that whites say the same about black men? If you are educated, clearly you must have read about the idea that black men must be aware of their appearance, presence, proximity, and tone when in the presence of white workers. That article was only about black men…no mention of black women. The same is true for us.
            So is this black woman who scares you so much confrontational or is she not one to shy away from conflict. Did you disrespect her and then feel she shouldn’t say anything to you? Are you afraid of your biological sisters? Are they like this? Do you overgeneralize black women to them, or to your mother? I’ve seen a lot of confrontational white women, hispanic traffic, the tire shop, KFC. It would benefit so many if you would impart knowledge to brothas instead of sistas. That is where our problem as a race began and that is where it will end.

            And then you make some other point about how men value a woman they have to chase. There’s a difference between chasing when you are trying to get someone to be your woman, and having to deal with BS challenges on a consistent basis, and many of these black women are so used to dating worthless men, that they don’t know what to do with a successful one.

        • kahlil says:

          Amen to that

        • James says:

          Jon, did you really attend Baylor U while RG3 was a student? If so, you would know he came on campus with coach Art Briles from U of H and took the starting job as QB. He won big 12 offense freshmen of the year and broke a 400m hurdle record. yes, his GPA was over 3.5 but was also very popular. once again did you really attend BAYLOR WHILE RG3 WASN’T BIG?

        • Dan says:

          Amen. RGIII probably was losing out to whatever thug wannabe gangsta these hood bitches thought was such a good option. Bro gets big in football and all of a sudden these hos want a piece. RGIII needs a woman who can spell so have of you “strong black women” see: gets niggas for child support, are out of the running. keep bitching. maybe thug man can pay your bills…wait. bills are hard to pay from behind bars. LOL i hope you hateful hos die hungry

  7. Valley says:

    Those white girls play it smart, they scout around and grab the first guy who try out for the football team in elementary school!!

  8. MeMe says:

    So he “blew his knee out” already … so he’s “damaged goods”, right.

    He may just do it again. Po’ thing. He’ll wind up “penniless” soon … oh, he hasn’t signed a contract yet. My bad!

  9. A very informationrmative article and lots of really honest and forthright comments made! This certainly got me thinking a lot about this issue so nice one a lot for dropping!

  10. 4 says:

    thats what RG3 is hooked up with….Smdh, trailor park,

  11. don says:

    don’t player hate ladys, if you were in the game you would be beside rg3. go seek the man, stop waiting on the man coming to you.

  12. Ron says:

    Black sports online.. racist much??? Always laugh at jealous black women too. Notice white women are virtually NEVER jealous of black women? Why? Cause they don’t care. The juvenile stupidity that too many of you are into is comical to most white women.. PS. this Griffin guy wanted THIS girl.. Deal with it.. And spare the ” the white girl had it set out and trapped him” BS.. Like he is runaway slave or something? If it would make you happier MOST people of whatever race still stay within that race.. Are you happy now??? Go get some white men if “ya’ll” can’t hack the white woman with this guy… You KNOW some of you want too..

    • Ray says:

      But you didn’t attack the nonsense some of the bruhs on here were saying??? I don’t think it’s jealousy at all. And your comment about white women never being jealous of black women??? Who told you that, and where are your sources? What is comical, is how many white women will admit to having a mandingo complex as if this is all us black men are good for, and black men haven’t picked up on the idea that this mentality from slavery is STILL alive and well. Black guys fall for the hype every time. I have seen white women with a black guy because he was intelligent–my best friend married one who felt that. But a majority, even the ones that still proposition me either relate it to my salary, or “you know, the black white thing is hot now.” I stood in line, with my black wife and the white girl behind the counter said…”oh wow, you don’t see too many black couples around anymore.” This was after trying to get my number in the line while my wife was going back to get some chicken (yes, we both love chicken–it was on sale that day). As I told her, it was interesting to see that she felt white women had a claim to black men. She had the attitude and was very jealous when my wife showed up. I’m like Obama when it comes to my Michelle…

      • lightbrownis says:

        Thank you, for setting this person straight . . . we got the man they want, the body they want, the lips they want the skin they want and the flavor they want . . . . but they are not jealous. PUHLEEZE!!!

  13. Just says:

    I can believe this is a discussion but let’s just make a few things clear. Women regardless of color are desirable. There are some rotten apples in every race… Not just Black.

    I believe if people spend more time in their own business instead of others, they wouldn’t make such negative comments about others.

    Instead of spewing negative thoughts about either of them… Take a look at your own lives.

    How about we just hope their relationship is successful, they’re happy and when they get married and they don’t contribute to the high divorce rate in this country.

  14. pam says:

    OK this was suppose to be an innocent article about a guy buying a gift for his girl. But I must say you people that are on here arguing …obviously black males and females. This crap you both are talking is the very reason there is such hate towards each other. 1. You never see white women complain about how their white men treat them poorly. 2. You’ll never hear a white man say their women deserve the treatment or in the words of Jon call them a dummy. We should be praising each other not beating each other down. Slavery ended decades ago but there is still an enslaved mind. And to my sister who cares who he spends his money on. Last time I checked there are still plenty of amazing black men checking for us and I have one!! :)

  15. Amelia says:

    Sad. As an engaged Black women with a wonderful, kind man to share my life with, I have many beautiful, kind, easygoing, intelligent Black women friends who have such a hard time finding a kind Black man who knows how to treat a lady. I think what saddens me and other “good” Black women is that it seems like so many of the ‘datable’ Black men choose to date outside their race, seemingly looking right over them to do so. To live in a society where everywhere you look, it seems you would be more desirable if you were white, something we can never be, it is very painful.

    RGIII could have probably dated any Black girl on butler and while I am sure there were some non-desirable Black options, I am sure there were some very nice Black girls there. He chose what he wanted. I would never hate on love, but it should be easy to understand why so many of us wonder: Why when a brother makes it… he has to get a non-black girl? If it were something not so prevelant it would be different.

    Now whenever I see a Black man in the spotlight for something good, I just assume he doesn’t have a Black significant other… and when I google it, I usually which is pretty sad.

    • James says:

      Amelia, I spoke with a guy I know who is married outside of his race. He graduated from Tennessee State. i asked why did you marry a Korean girl over a sister when you been dating sisters throughout your college years? He said in short the korean girl new her place she treated him with so much respect and she is submissive. He said he had never experienced that with a sister. After continuing the conversation I realize his first response to my question wasn’t completely all true. He has a dislike for sisters, I wont get into specifics but he helped me to realize why so many black men switch. And he is a successful dentist now. A lot of our beautiful sisters that get so much attention tend to become full of themselves and can easily turn off a good brother. Thats not my friends problem but is something i see. They want to where the pants they strive to be in command and not submissive. And it’s never good to have 2 people in 1 household wearing the pants. i am a christian, there’s a role we both have to play… not meant to play the same role. I’m not saying all women are like that just most of the attractive ones.

  16. bawse says:

    I don’t see the big deal with him dating a white girl yall are just hating. black women didn’t want him in college and now yall are complaining when he’s a star lmao. and black women that become famous date white men go look it up

    • DaveyDave says:

      What Mike Jones say? “Back then they didn’t want me, now I’m hot they all on me.” Stop hating sistas. If you want a good, strong man in your life, get off your ass and get out there and find one. Stop focusing on how much money a man makes, what kind of car he drives, and if he can take care of your every need. You should be with a man because you love each other, and not because of the color of your skin, or what he does or doesn’t have. Just because she’s white does that mean she doesn’t deserve a new bentley but you do? She was there before the fortune and fame, hardships and pain. He’s just showing her how much he appreciates her. You can’t hate on that!

  17. Mike says:

    get over it black woman. I’m a black man i like all races it doesn’t mater who you with. i’m sure he would have bought it for her if she was black. it has nothing to do with race, you date who the heck you want. stop being so damn racist! every man and woman has a right to date who they want. even if it’s just a specific race…GET OVER IT!!

  18. Harold says:

    Black males are brainwashed that’s why… They are brought up since birth to either be rappers, athletes or gangsters. Why? Because those in “power” want to make money off of them. They don’t want Lebron to be a doctor etc.

    It’s a damn shame how many black men hate black women… Maybe you forget how your mothers, sisters, grandmothers raised you. Maybe you forget how they used to be forced to work for low pay in white households just so they could support you, maybe you forget all the centuries of abuse black women had at the hands of white women. Why? Just so you can go and date white gold-diggers who would give you brothers a second look if you didn’t have that cash.

    • jim says:

      Uhhh ok…

      You do realize RG3 has already said multiple times that his career plan is to stay in the NFL for a while (average career is 6-10 years) and then complete his end goal of a becoming a lawyer?

      The comments on this site are pathetic. As a black man who has dated pretty much every race, GTF over it.

  19. ciara says:

    Why does it always have to be about color? People stop looking at the skin color and start looking at the hearts of others.

  20. Memememe says:

    Do the same rules apply if it’s a white man and a black woman? Do black women think the sister is crazy? Do black men get mad? I don’t get, but I want too…

  21. Stronger Black Woman says:

    Believe it or not, I’m a Black woman and I don’t give nary a shit who RG3 is seeing, white or black or Cabolasian.

  22. Sean says:

    I found this page by googling “are black women angry that RG3 is engaged to a white girl?”

  23. C says:

    Well, as a white woman, I don’t see why this is such a big issue. If you look at her body language she really seems to love the guy. I don’t think it’s fair to label her as being opportunistic. Sorry if she makes you feel insecure.

  24. don says:

    I hate to say this but this marriage is DOA before it starts. RG3 is one of the most desired men by women in the world. How is he gong to say no to one drop dead gorgeous woman after another for the next 15 years? It’s not possible..

  25. Big Lou Turner says:

    I married a white girl. I was one who said I NEVER would. However, I got saved and God washed me of racism. I met my wife at church. She was the only woman eligible to marry according to Bible standards. Let me tell you, it was the second best decision I ever made and an eye-opening experience. No drama and we’re closing in on 10 years of absolute joy. This has nothing to do with the color of her skin, but those blinded by ignorance seem to think so. My wife is no different than anyone else but the marriage has taught me a lot about myself and brown-skinned Americans in general. We have an ingrained inferiority complex that is so far reaching it’s incredible. I could write a book with the knowledge I have obtained. The only racism we have experienced has been from black people, who take ignorance to new heights. Whites may be prejudiced as well, but do a much better job hiding it. Mainly, I have learned not to worry about ignorance from any particular group of people, rather to focus on being a loving faithful husband to my best friend. So far, it’s worked out great!

    • Demarco says:

      Bro, only inferiority and self hate seem like comming from you. So you found a Becky to marry they come a dime dozen . White women hit on me and get mad if I don’t jump at the chance to f@#k em. When I’m with the sistas white women show more shade and hate than any body. Just cause your low self esteem slavery mentality Think you hit the racial jackpot….don’t assume sistahs can’t make a black man feel the same way cause I’m engaged to one. She is the best choice I ever made. You relay believe blacks are more racist than whites ..oh yeah your Becky got her a good ole Uncle Tom. Haha

      • Big Lou Turner says:

        Demarco, I’m ashamed to say this, but before I got saved I had more women than I can remember. Mexican, South American, Asian, White, but none more than black. I preferred black women and said there was no way I’d marry otherwise. There were tons of women of other races who wanted me to settled down with them but it wasn’t happening, as far as I was concerned. Only the Lord Jesus Christ took all that foolishness out of my heart when He saved me. I don’t consider myself to have hit the racial ‘jackpot’. I now understand that the color of a person’s skin is completely unimportant. It’s important to those who make it so, or those who feel the need to respond to those who have made it so. I didn’t marry my wife because she was white, I married her because I got to know her, fell in love with her and she was qualified according to the Word of God. The further eye opening came afterward. Not once did my wife present herself as a ‘strong white woman’ or ‘strong’ anything else for that matter. She was just a nice girl, going about her daily business and I noticed her. I wish you well in your marriage and I’m glad you found the one.

  26. Glenn says:

    Whites need to stop mixing. They are dumbing down their own race. I hope the same shit does not spread to Asia as well….When you date a man/woman, make sure you find out he/she does not have any black ancestry!

    • kahlil says:

      you got issues Glenn

    • Jason says:

      Speaking from the perspective of a white guy…

      Everyone wants the ‘slim white woman’ because that’s what the culture in America idealizes. We’ve all been exposed to this from before we could walk, it’s inevitable. If you go to many parts of Africa the ‘ideal’ woman is somewhat heavyset…and this was also the case in Europe for most of history.

      As for you Glenn, you’re a moron. I’d suggest that you learn a bit about human history before you chime in on discussions about race again. You’ll probably be mortified to learn that we all have ‘black’ ancestry because our species originated in Africa. If you wonder why your skin is ‘white’ (presuming you’re a caucasian), it’s because a)the body needs vitamin D to function b) vitamin D is provided by sunlight c) there’s less sunlight in Europe than in Africa d) lighter skin absorbs more vitamin D than dark skin e) lighter skinned migrants from Africa were healthier in Europe, therefore lived longer and reproduced more…which led to lighter skinned offspring. The lighter skinned of those offspring had the same advantages, and reproduced more…etc. Over thousands of years the effects of this are dramatic. This applies to other ‘racial’ differences as well. We adapt to the environment that we live in.

      For those who are angered by interracial couples, maybe you’ll find comfort in the fact that a couple hundred years from now there won’t be much ‘race’ in America, it’ll be a very ‘brown’ country. (think Barack Obama) It’s always happened, when ‘tribes’ intersect, they blend. People are attracted to difference.

  27. Stupid folks says:

    Man, ya’ll are stupid. First of all, he was dating the white girl BEFORE HE “MADE IT.” HELLO! Second of all, if ya’ll weren’t so focused on men who have “made it,” and instead focus on good men who are trying to do something with themselves, them MAYBE you’d have a decent man by your side also. You hating folks are just stupid and pathetic and will continue to be so as long as you have the attitudes you have. Love is love … regardless of age, color, religion, or even sex. Deal with it.

  28. Stupid folks says:

    Also, the majority of you women whining about him being w/ a white woman wouldn’t have even LOOKED his way before he “made it.” Ya’ll would be worried about what he was driving and wearing, instead of looking at the person he is. TRUTHS HURT, huh? Better look in the mirror before you all are permanently desperate and single.

    • Ray says:

      I think your name says it all…stupid folks do say exactly what you said. You seem a tad bit bitter with sistas man. You, like so many of these wack dudes out there are believing the hype of other races of women being better than our own. No woman has historically stuck by our side like our own women. Black women are taught to stay with a race of men who are constantly behind other races of men. Then fake bros like u turn around and dog sistas out. Sistas looking for black thugs is your complaint, but look at how many thugs are out there! Look at the archetype for black men in the media…and don’t act like white chicks ain’t chasing then dudes either. Kim kardashian didn’t want kanye til he went plum idiot. Sistas only suffer because they are taught to uplift a race of lazy negros who are so stupid they have the nerve to think they are desirable to all women. We fill up all the jails, have the worst graduation rates and earning capacity…and our black women still stick with us even though research shows they do better in this area on average than us and white women. Sit back, shut up, and realize what black women go thru…then check to see if u even deserve one.

  29. BUgrad2010 says:

    You should marry someone for the content of their character, not the color of their skin. I hate the bashing of black females and males based on the ridiculous minorities in each group. We should be uplifting each other even if we find love outside of our race. At the end of the day, our children and parents are still black even if we do not marry within the race.

    As for RG3 dating the chick before he made it, he was the big man on campus before he started dating her my junior year. It was pretty obvious he was probably going to be drafted unless he got injured. Even then, it was known that he was interested in law. By the way, I am the same year as her. I am also a black female. I had crossed paths with RG3 on several occasions when I went to school there. Would I have dated him at the time? No. I thought I was too old for him considering he was a freshman. Plus, I didn’t want to date a dude who could not enjoy a beer with me in public. It had nothing to do with his nerdiness or looks. I was only interested in nerds because I wanted a man like me. I wanted a guy who valued his education as highly as me. He made his choice.

  30. Jack says:

    Black women in this country need to quit making excuses. I understand that they actually have a much shallower pool to pick from than their counterparts of other races. Which is why I find it so confusing that these same women don’t seem to learn anything. They reject good black men all the time because they don’t have swagger, or they are nerdy, or they are African. Well guess what? Good men just get better with age. The man you looked down on when he was 21 will move up in his career and become wealthy. Then when YOU are 32 and have been dug out by all the rif rafs with swagger, you start complaining about the guys not checking for you. DUMB. Quit complaining because you made a dumb move when you had the chance.

    • BUgrad2010 says:

      I did not CHASE after an 18 year old when I was 21 because I was more concerned with going to medical school then getting a MRS degree. If he would have asked me out, I would have probably said yes considering he had the balls to do that. As for being dug out by rif rafs, I think you are making assumptions on a whole race of women based on your own bad experiences when you have probably been rejected yourself.

      I just wanted to make the point that there were willing black females on campus if he really wanted to pursue that. He chose who he wanted to be with. I despise the projecting onto the black women on that campus because we MUST have rejected him based on swagger or nerdiness if we went to school with him at the time.

      • Jack says:

        Wrong, BUgrad.

        I have generally avoided these kinds of women, to my own benefit…But oh boy, have I seen them in action. There is a giant gap between what you say and what you do. You say you want one thing, but go after something else in a guy.

        I can’t say black women are the only ones guilty of this. All women tend to make bad decisions when they are younger because most guys just don’t have their game together in their younger years. So they end up with the only guys that seem to have something to offer.

        HOWEVER, black women also need to realize that they have a smaller pool to choose from than other women. I know it sucks, I know it’s unfair, but now that you know, it’s time to avoid doing DUMB stuff.

        • BUgrad2010 says:

          How is there a big gap? You were not there to know my dating situation. I only gave you part of the story. While there were many women for Robert Griffin to choose from, there were also many men for me to choose from as well. I was talking to a few premedical students my age. We all ended up in medical school.

          Black women do not have a smaller pool to choose from than other women. We can always date other races. It would be wrong to overlook a like minded person based on their race even if your preference is black men.

          I would comment further, but I think Ray’s comment from the 18th summed things up beautifully.

    • Ray says:

      Another one I see…hoping that u are not a brotha either. Black women making excuses? I think black men wrote the book on excuses or at least we would have if the white man wasn’t holding us down, or if we weren’t in jail, or if we had time between not raising our kids or rapping. Do u have your PHD? Just wondering…I’d ask why but I’m sure you’re full of excuses. My wife and I both have ours now, and she’s black. There were more sistas out getting their grind on in school than black men. There is a study done on black females in the late 70s, if I thought ud actually read it to learn how to ground ur opinions in actual facts, I’d take the time to look it up and cite it for u in APA but I’m sure ur not interested in actually being intelligent…but this study discussed the modal personality traits of black middle class boys and girls…years later they went back to check the economic status of this same group. Findings indicate that black males are slightly more aware of issues than whites but black females are more emotionally mature and aware than all other groups. Furthermore black females are conditioned to stay within their race, champion issues, dissent, and break barriers more so than black males and whites. Finally they are more likely to seek higher education and attainment than black men, and twice as much more than white women. They are identified with having the same drive and attitude as white men. Maybe that’s why bros like u ( if ur black) appear to detest black women so much. Studies show that brothas, like most of y’all common negroes on this site, hold black women back. Look at marriage/divorce, teen pregnancy, poverty, std rates for white women involved with black men. I played ball in high school and college, more white and Persian chicks came my way than anything. I was a snob, I wanted quality other dudes weren’t getting. So I found the smartest, thickest, prettiest , strongest woman I could find…and she is black. Good credit and all and the only reason she was this way is because she didn’t fall for the line of wack niggas waiting to take advantage of her…she had family that encouraged her. How many black chicks have u or family members with ignorant thinking like yours messed up…bruh?

      • lightbrownis says:

        A man with the . . . there are black men out here whose mission is to make the black woman feel bad about herself. He comes online and spews lies trying to make us feel undesirable and somehow beneath the black man. When in reality, it is quite the opposite and I am so glad to read words from a man confirming this.

        If I ever catch my son doing this, I will ring his neck, because I am a black woman and you cannot make blanket negative statements about black women and not be talking and having these feelings towards me. Doing this does not honor me or the many black women who have had to keep on keeping on despite having to deal with black men who did them wrong and refuse to take care of their children.

        Thank you RAY!!

      • Jack says:

        Dude, you are pretending to be intelligent, but you are throwing out a lot of rubbish, man.

        “I’d ask why but I’m sure you’re full of excuses.”

        That’s the kind of thing that an idiot says. You jump to PHD and skip a whole number of other respectable accomplishments.

        I have an MBA. I don’t need a PHD so I’m not getting one. I own my own agency and I employ people. I have dated black women and I have observed the black dating dynamic long enough to know what I am talking about.

        “There is a study done on black females in the late 70s, if I thought ud actually read it to learn how to ground ur opinions in actual facts”

        Judging from the way you write, I am quite certain that you are nowhere close to having a PHD.

        “They are identified with having the same drive and attitude as white men. Maybe that’s why bros like u ( if ur black) appear to detest black women so much.”

        Read that again. It sounds stupid.

        I am happy that you are married – Good for you, but you need to quit all this brown nosing nonsense. I have 2 sisters, and I give them a healthy dose of good advice, as they are black women. My advice is – “Don’t sabotage yourself.”

        As to your point about a study in the 70s, I say I am NOT SURPRISED. Black women in the 70s were THE SH!T. They had their stuff together and were able to separate the idea of being educated / “Independent” from their roles in a relationship.

        Black women these days have got it all mixed up. Thanks in part to enablers like you.

        I LOVE black women. Which is why I will continue to call them out on their BS. On the other hand, I really doubt that you are actually a man. You sound like a bitter woman.

        • RAY says:

          I’m sorry Jack, I didn’t know you wanted my autobiography. My PH.D. is only one of many accomplishments I speak of–I usually speak of my family–especially my wife.

          As far as the study, you missed the whole idea. I said that the study was done in the 70s to document the modal personality type of middle class black youth. It didn’t talk about black women in the 70s. It talked about black 3rd and 4th grade girls in the 70s. These girls would now be the modern black woman of today. They would be in their late 30s, early 40s.

          Nothing I said sounds stupid–in fact, that little blurb I posted about “bros like you”, actually came from the discussion section of the paper. In fact, the whites that conducted the study found that black females are often “punished socially” for their modal personality type when in fact it is this same personality that keeps them succeeding at higher percentages than black males and has them leading in higher education percentages (over white women, black men and even white men).

          I am never a brown noser. You simply got online and followed all the lames in the chat. Black women today are in a better position than black men–take the time to explain that! SO I am saying, stop pointing fingers at black women. Punks like you have done nothing but enable black men. You have some of these dudes out here thinking that with their sagging skinny jeans, lack of education, and 10 baby mamas that they should even have a choice between women. BULLSH*T. I have educated black women for over 15 years now. What have you done? I have told weak brothas like you that they will get nowhere disrespecting sistas. I have told weak brothas like you that they should be able to read before stepping to a good woman, especially a sista. You sound like the bitterest of people. A black man with no purpose. No man would sit and spew hatred towards women that looked like him or his mother. It’s funny you doubt that I am man, probably because I am a protector of women–especially black women. I can say that I am positive you are NOT a MAN. Men don’t cower at the sight of a strong woman. In fact, we jump at the challenge. I knew I was man enough to get my wife. So if my being so ultimately right makes me sound like a bitter woman, that’s great. It only makes all of the black women on here that have been called bitter sound that much more right.
          Yes, I’ve got a P.H.D, a big ego and black wife to go with it. And…we’ve got good credit!
          Who really sounds bitter, bruh?

          • Jack says:

            No way I am guilty of enabling black men because I have twice as many issues with black men as I do with black women, but guess what? This subject pertains to a successful black man, and in this case, the malice is coming from black women. SO yes – I will point out their issues point blank.

            Back to my point – you cannot POSSIBLY be a man. Your inability to grasp the merits of any point I’ve made.

            “Black women today are in a better position than black men–take the time to explain that!”

            No – They are both in a pretty terrible position. Black women are doing better for themselves academically, but as you pointed out, because they stick to their race, they find themselves with limited options.

            “”You have some of these dudes out here thinking that with their sagging skinny jeans, lack of education, and 10 baby mamas that they should even have a choice between women. BULLSH*T.”

            I don’t know what world you are living in, but I don’t live in that world. I live in a world with successful black men and women, in which I still find black women sabotaging themselves big time. All that talk about sagging pants e.t.c are HOOD problems, not BLACK problems. It’s clear you are not who you pretend to be because you keep taking this discussion in a rather pointless direction.

            “You sound like the bitterest of people. A black man with no purpose.”

            Please…I am CHILLIN. Successful, with a good African woman who has real strength of character. Not all that bellowing and noise making.

            “Men don’t cower at the sight of a strong woman.”
            See point above about real strength

            “Yes, I’ve got a P.H.D, a big ego and black wife to go with it. And…we’ve got good credit!”

            Only in a culture of mediocrity does one beat his (or I should say, her) chest about good credit. Please. You are SUPPOSED to have good credit.

            Your attempt to sound like a man is so corny because people can see through your BS. No successful black man talks the way you do. It’s really pathetic.

          • Jack says:

            To finish my sentence above:

            Back to my point – you cannot POSSIBLY be a man. Your inability to grasp the merits of any point I’ve made makes that clear.

  31. Jack says:

    Make no mistake about it, the entire idea that RGIII should face any level of criticism over the fact that he’s with a white woman is offensive. He made his choice, and that’s it – Stop whining about it.

    I am sick of the way this whole issue is being overblown by the media. There are plenty of happily married, successful back couples. Black men who go outside their race for any reason other than genuine attraction / interest in the person has issues. Black women should not even bother with men like that.

    On the other side, black women can do better than complain about this stuff. The equation for men is simple. Be attractive and be cool. That’s it. Being “cool” involves having a positive outlook / disposition and HAVING RESPECT FOR THE MAN. And if you don’t think he’s deserving of respect, then maybe you shouldn’t be around him at all.

    And please, quit boring us with details of your education / career. Yes, certain men are intimated by it, but on the flip side, a successful man will get bored very fast because at the end of the day, we are NOT attracted to your success. We are attracted to your LOOKS and your VIBE. Your vibe involves your intelligence, so don’t worry, that’s covered.

    • RAY says:

      Making sure I get every bit of business taken care of…Was this chat about black women and dating problems? I didn’t think it was, although you stated that was what it was. I ended up here because my sister mentioned it to me and I didn’t believe how comical it would be…and it was, every bit of it.
      Successful men get bored talking about a woman’s credentials? Really? Successful men looking for a** get bored. This lets me know, the type of chick you want is one that is attracted by dollar bills. Funny, you have the gut to be picky (attractive)but tell black women they can’t be. You sound real intimidated by a STRONG black woman. If I talked about my successes, I was never upset that a woman talked about hers. If I didn’t want to talk about business or school anymore, I took the conversation in another direction. If black women want advice, they will continue to get from Tyrese and Steve Harvey.

  32. Jack says:

    Another point about these “strong black women”. Real strength comes from the inside. It has nothing to do with bluster and making noise about how strong you are.

    Look back a couple of decades ago. I see the black ladies out there today and I tell you, most of the attractive ones would NEVER go for a lanky big-eared guy with a name like Barack Obama, even with a Harvard Law Degree. How do I know? I see it ALL THE TIME.

    A woman like Michelle Obama is one in a million, and I hope our sisters learn from her (Just like I hope our brothers learn from The President). It takes real strength and discernment to see the potential in a man.

    Unfortunately, because men have been messing up for a while, black women these days do not seem to be able to recognize potential. And I tell you what…I meet attractive, educated women from Africa and the Caribbean all the time – 100% DIFFERENT STORY. They are educated and successful but still know how to let a man be a man. Trust me…African and Caribbean sisters in the states are not having the same problems African Americans are having.

    Think about it and step your game up.

    • RAY says:

      And you had to respond again, and again. Who are you schooling? Sistas don’t need advice from you. Michelle is not one in a million. If you look at her speech to black girls in 2007, she says that “she is not one in a million.” Do you know how many black women are on their grind?
      Why do you blame black women for “not being able to recognize potential” without first recognizing that black men are messing up.
      You sound like these “bitter black women” you describe. You sound like you’ve been passed over by many attractive black females. Have you thought to look for one that wasn’t just attractive? I have seen black women with some ugly dudes who were cool as hell.
      Are you bothered by a woman who says she’s strong? So what? A strong woman is usually not strong by choice, it is by circumstances. I have never met a strong black woman who did not want someone to come along and make her put away her symbolic “penis”. That is what a real man does for a strong woman. He comes along and does what a man is supposed to do. He fixes stuff, protects her and the family, makes her feel safe, pumps her head up and in return she takes a step back and watches him handle business.
      Too many times black men show up, needing a place to stay, needing to borrow the car, needing to hold a little bit of money until tax season, and you know this, but you still blame black women for being inundated with these zombiepimpnegros straight out of Hollywood Shuffle.
      No, sistas don’t have to choose these brokeback negros out there. But if you understand cause and effect, this isn’t a chicken and egg argument. Too many black men are weak as hell, pickings for black women are slim. It is not their fault. It is ours.
      Also, I have yet to see one woman on this post say that they wanted RG3. If black women were as thirsty as you proclaim them to be, they would have been on him the second he went out for the team. Now in the rather smaller area I stay in, white girls are groomed to date black boys on the sports teams. It’s just the way of things around here. It is also funny to see the number of these same youth who are locked up for rape when they are kicked off of the team for grades or if they break up with one of the white girls…our town is also known for that.
      “Unfortunately, because men have been messing up for a while, black women these days do not seem to be able to recognize potential.” Funny comment–you just downplay how messed up black men are! Stop making excuses for black dudes…I know you are not that big of a fan of man.

  33. drkatrina says:

    Please stop the hate. White girl with black guy is beautiful and so erotic. Only thing better is having their babies! Hope she gets herself knocked up soon.

    • Ray says:

      Erotic? Lol so a black man with a black woman is twice as erotic correct? Only proves my point..white women look at us as if we are mules meant for breeding. Stop the hate? How about u stop disrespecting all brothas when u think we all lust after white girls. Birth of a nation had it wrong, seems white chicks will do anything to get a baby by a brotha. Thanks for your post “dr”Katrina. Make him marry you first…or at least know his name before you get pregnant.

  34. Deborah says:

    First, the conversation between Ray and Jack made me smile. I love intellect and wit. Well, when I saw the story about RGIII and wife, I was disheartened. I just feel protective of my black brothers, being a mother, I guess. I’ve been married to a black man (I am black) for near 20 years. He is so much better, in a way, than when we met…matured. I wish RGIII luck. I just hope she doesn’t take 1/2 his money 😐

  35. Jack says:

    Ray is a clown – A female clown. Ladies….seriously, don’t listen to the rubbish. The person that tells you the hard truth is the one that’s looking out for your interests. A woman like Ray that claims to be a man is not helping. I know NO successful black men who think like this person.

    Again, the whole idea of people claiming that they are “strong” comes more out of insecurity and failure than anything else. How many times have you seen a black woman say, “I am a strong black woman. I am raising my 3 kids without any help from either of their Fathers”.

    Yes, it’s a lot of work to pull that off, but wait, “Fathers”? You let 2 different men impregnate you without marrying you, and you are calling yourself strong?

    As for educated black women with no kids, get your standards straight. Find an educated man with good character and show him respect. Don’t feel superior because you got your degree from Harvard and he got his from the University of Alabama. I see this a lot, by the way…Snobishness from sistas. Not cool, and definitely not smart. Potential in a man is what matters.

    • SoulFUL says:

      Ray is a black woman…disguised as black man. Be yourself, black women are strong from day one on this Earth, and so are black men, yet some of us choose to be weak and decide to take white mates to see if society will accept us or see us as anything besides what we were born into … the race of people called African Americans-Blacks! WE need to love within ourselves, befriend the white man and woman, yet keep our relationships to just that…Friendship! Even in the bible the Philistines kept to the Philistines, the Israelites kept to the Israelites, and so forth…yet they shared common ground…we are all born in this world, we can’t change who we are, yet we can definitely take care that we are not treated any less than our fellow men and women on this Earth…relationships between black men/white women are purely sexual, nothing more… they can claim love, yet white women have been lusting after black men for centuries, yet they keep their status and clout with white men by their side…trust…RGIII and his wife won’t be married for long…he’s already fallen for white woman and they will pull him down just like they do with every black man (OJ Simpson, Quincy Jones, Russell Simmons, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, etc)…and it’s not just the ones who have fame…those in your neighborhood, as well, they all fall victim to the white woman…I believe in separate but equal…that would make things right in American society…a country born out of HATE…based on racism, and to this day, the black man isn’t even counted as worthy to 1) walk in a community at night, he gets GUNNED down like wild animal, 2) black man goes missing or black child gets kidnapped, do we ever get as much publicity needed to help capture and bring one of us home? never! 3) black woman success in film, modeling, etc, yet the white woman who sleeps her way to get a part, gets praise, wins Oscars, not once labeled anything but a talented beauty…they can do no wrong in society, so please expect to see Becky glamorized through all of RGIII’s affairs, but TRUST a white girl always got black DICK on the side (at least one or two) we all know how they do…it’s the world we live in…

      • Ray says:

        Both are hilarious but SoulFul seems to agree with me some what. A married happy black man with an education and a black woman for a wife seems to be taboo to so many of you on here. Honestly none of u take from what I do or have…as I stated way back–I was asked to visit the sight. I saw how it bashed black women and I spoke up. If not blaming black women for the problems that black men create makes me gay/a woman then so be it. Rather than sound as if I haven’t received an education, I know how to back out of a pointless argument. Black men are to blame for our own problems, first we say its the white man, now it’s black women. Grow the hell up for real “men”…and google me–my wife, myself, and my sister were in a few articles featured in Jet. I’ve said nothing black men didn’t say in their “black women we’re sorry video”…watch it. I’m good w this “convo”

  36. Ray says:

    TJack, speak only for the successful two black dudes u know. U are jaded and seem as if u often feel inferior. Rather, how many successful black ladies do you know? I don’t question whether ur black now, I am sure u are. I do question ur ability to get and keep a black woman. Instead of getting mad about a sister graduating from Harvard, do u sit back and realize what a feat this would be? Instead of being on some, damn my baby is bad game, u get mad and cry about it like a bitch. If I was a janitor, I’d have been confident enough to approach my wife and because of the love I give, she wouldn’t fill the need to bring up my job. I find women only do this when a brotha is lacking in some area. Ur advice and u are just dumb. I’ll tell the ladies the truth…stop investing time in these bitch made negroes. The ones that will say black women must be on the highest levels, achieve the most and then bow down to some run of the mill inadequate “man”. Then only to be told that white women are better because they don’t complain to the man about how inadequate he is to his face. Bruh shake that to the left. U are what’s wrong with black folks…telling black women to fix themselves when they possess the same strength that’s made it thru centuries. U too inferior to tell brothas like urself that black men dropped the ball…not the basketball or football but the ball of manhood. Invasion of the body snatcher ass black dudes are not raising kids and if u look at the sharp increase in births and marriages in the interracial categories u will see that as brothas like u got the green light to explore the grass on the other side they brought the same damn problems…these same white women who wanted to experience our Mandingo ways are finding out what we’ve shown sistas for the last 100 years. Black dudes marry white, divorce, marry white again, divorce. Knock up white chicks, leave, knock up the next….matter of fact, look at STI rates. Overall sistas are on the comeup as set by standards in assimilation defined by the dominant culture. The truth has become that sistas are winning as long as we distance ourselves from them. That’s truth for u check the damn stats urself. Sistas don’t believe this kanye style coon, he don’t know jack.

    • Black People says:

      Congratulations Ray, you just outed yourself as an angry, bitter, delusional, and outright crazy black woman. Lol! Every single one your crazy rants is nothing more than the insecure ramblings of a bitter and jealous black woman, with a vast hatred of black men. It was a nice try though, trying to disguise yourself as black man, unfortunately, you failed miserably at it. Hopefully God does not have mercy on your evil soul.

  37. julius says:

    I’m glad for the bro. I bib you God speed in your marriage and your game of football.

  38. Slava says:

    Rg3 is a dumb nigger and his fiancé is a fat dumb white cunt

    • Al says:

      She is a black cunt now! Waite until he start sleeping around, besides he just another ugly pig tail nigga with a white trophy !!

  39. Al says:

    RG3 has the face that only a pig could love!!!

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