Robert Griffin III Turning Down Private Workouts to Make Sure Colts Don’t Draft Him?

It is an interesting theory by Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. Not as interesting as OJ’s son being the real killer of his ex-wife, but interesting nevertheless.

Griffin is turning down all private workout requests. It isn’t a big deal, nothing is going to change his draft position.

While there is nothing wrong with the Colts, playing and succeeding with the Redskins could be much bigger than playing with the Colts.

The Redskins even though they have been terrible for awhile are still one of the glamor franchises in the NFL and RG3 has some Hollywood to him, so I can see how that would be appealing.

Also the Redskins seem to be in a better position to make a quick step forward than the Colts.  Also the Redskins fans have already embraced RG3 whereas if the Colts draft him there will be a lot of Colts fan who will immediately wonder what could have been with Andrew Luck.

Could be nothing or could be strategic on RG3’s part either way it will be interesting come draft day.