Roddy White Forced To Apologize For “You Rather Be Straight or Gay?” Tweet

Hard Knocks only hope is to follow around Roddy White or just scan his Twitter page and wait for him to say something dumb.

Personally I don’t think this was too bad, he has said much dumber stuff, but it did get him in a little bit of hot water.

An Atlanta Falcon player is taking heat after making anti-gay comments on Twitter.

The comments quickly went viral, being picked up by websites such as The Huffington Post.

Early Thursday evening, White sent out an apology tweet saying, “OK people I apologize for saying the word gay I know it’s a sensitive subject and a athlete of my stature should not use it.”

I am more offended he said “Athlete of my Stature”, dude you are Roddy White, not Larry Fitzgerald get over yourself.

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