Ryan Leaf Arrested for the 2nd Time in 4 Days (Mugshot)

Ryan Leaf wants to go to jail.

Yes, you are hearing me correctly, Ryan Leaf wants to be in prison. I have known people who intentionally do harm to themselves and stupid things because they figure the only way they can get clean is behind bars.

It is the only explanation why someone who has just  been arrested for burglary, would robbed another house the next day.

Former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf has been arrested in the state of Montana for the second time in four days, The Associated Press reports. According to Central Montana Drug Force Commander Chris Hickman, Leaf was arrested early Monday in Great Falls and is facing charges of burglary, theft and two counts of criminal possession of dangerous drugs. He also is being detained on a probation violation. Today’s arrest stems from a burglary on Saturday, one day after Leaf was arrested for illegally possessing prescription painkiller he obtained after burglarizing the home of an acquaintance. Leaf had been freed on $76,000 bond and was scheduled to appear in court on Monday.

Ryan Leaf is begging and pleading for help.

Not in the traditional way, but it is painfully obvious to see. When the addiction is too strong, this is what you resort to.

As a human being I feel bad for him, but he brought this on himself, so he has to pay the consequences. Maybe when he is behind bars and cut off from his addiction he can truly become clean.