Ryan Leaf Faces 50 Years in Jail on His Various Charges

I doubt Leaf gets all 50 years, but I do think he won’t be seeing the outside of a jail for a very long time. The thing that is troubling is even though he was a NFL Bust and had issues in the past, he had positive things going for him.

He didn’t blow all his money, he had been doing media work here and there and people were genuinely rooting for him.

Doesn’t seem like a bad guy or a hardcore criminal, just could never get over the hump.

According to the AP, Leaf faces two counts of burglary and two counts of criminal possession of dangerous drugs after he was arrested in his hometown of Great Falls, Montana — on March 31 and then again on April 1.

Although it’s rare that a person — with these charges against them — receives the max, the reality is that Leaf is facing up to 50 years, which means if he pleads guilty or is convicted, Leaf will likely do some serious time in prison.