Stripper Skrawberry Threw Teyana Taylor Out of Window over Willis McGahee? (Video)



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Is that title hilarious or what?

Just the visual of someone being thrown out of a window like Axel Foley after he visited Victor Maitland’s office is so funny to me.   You can read backstory of the club incident here.

McGahee is lucky Tebow is still not with the team because I don’t think he would approve of Strippers and R&B singers fighting over him.

Here is the alleged window Taylor was thrown through.

Taylor is an unusual looking young lady. Unique is the word I am going to go with.


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With stories like this, the truth is somewhere in the middle, but if you want to hear Skrawberry (that name is cute in a stripperish way) check out the video below.


  1. Some real hood shit those “ladies” were involved in.

    Teyana Taylor’s look is unique because she gotta bangin body but a bulldog face.

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