The NFL Tries to Erase JaMarcus Russell From Draft History

This is COLD BLOODED by the NFL.

I understand that JaMarcus Russell was a bust, but he was the #1 pick in the NFL Draft and it wasn’t just the Raiders who were calling him one of the greatest quarterback prospects of all time.

Still funny though….

A reader passed along a photo of the images above the shop, which was opened earlier this month in advance of the draft.

The display contains shots of the first overall picks from 2005 through 2011. Except for one: JaMarcus Russell.

And here’s what makes it even more glaring. The display identifies Jake Long as the first overall pick in 2007.

It may not have been an accident. Three faces appear on one side of the display, and three appear on the other, with the 2012 NFL Draft logo in between. And so it goes Alex Smith in 2005, Mario Williams in 2006, Jake Long in 2007, draft logo in the middle, Matthew Stafford in 2009, Sam Bradford in 2010, and Cam Newton in 2011. By putting “2007″ next to Jake Long, the absence of 2008 is less noticeable in the symmetrical arrangement of photos.

No matter the reasoning, JaMarcus won’t be seen, but wherever SIZZURP is sipped he won’t be forgotten.

One thought on “The NFL Tries to Erase JaMarcus Russell From Draft History

  • any player with an iota of pride would get out and work hard to redeem himself. not only did the nfl “forget” to put up his picture, the nfl is even willing to tell a lie that jake long was the #1 pick in 2007.

    that shows just how badly jamarcus’ legacy is viewed by not only the raiders, but the entire nfl. commissioner goodell will suspend any player or coach who lies to him, but he apparently is all-in on keeping this particular lie out for public consumption.

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