Tiger Woods Has a Meltdown During 2nd Round of Masters (Video)

I wouldn’t call this a meltdown, it is more like Tiger being Tiger.

A lot of people were saying TIGER’S BACK, but Golf isn’t a sport that it just comes back all at one time.

He had a rough 2nd round at the Masters and he takes his frustrations out on his club.  Glass half full is that he made a cut, so there is still time for him to make a run.


One thought on “Tiger Woods Has a Meltdown During 2nd Round of Masters (Video)

  • It’s a common scenario; develop talents, become famous, establish a wonderful family life, yield to temptation, get divorced and dwell in a world of regret. I think Mr.Woods overreacts to athletic imperfection because he hasn’t forgiven himself for destroying his family. Maybe someone could connect him to the research on happy couples conducted by Dr.Gottman (www.gottman.com) and YouTube videos such as “How to Stay Married for Good (Part 1-3) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfIzQ3WyJdo

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