Tiki Barber Has to Postpone Wedding to Intern Mistress Because He is Still Married


Unless you are in Utah (that is right state correct?) you can’t get married while you are still married.  Tiki’s filed for divorce, back when Lebron has some semblance of a hairline, but it still hasn’t been finalized.

Ironically, since he got with his intern girlfriend his professional career has went downhill.  He might want to take that as a sign.

It looks like Tiki Barber and twenty something fiance Traci Lynn Johnson won’t make it down the aisle on May 12 as planned because Tiki will still be married to former ex-wife Ginny Cha.

Though they planned to wed at the home of Eugene Remm, the owner of several New York clubs, in the upscale Sag Harbor, New York, the dragging on of the divorce (and fight over child support) has pushed the wedding back to the summer. 

Ginny asked for $150,000/month (that’s not a typo) in child support, but she won’t likely get anywhere near that number as Tiki is still unemployed and is not exactly rolling in the dough.

I don’t like Tiki Barber at all, never been shy about saying that, but $150k a month in child support is crazy, even if Tiki was taking over the Today Show like he said he planned to do when he retired from NFL.

Good luck with all of this Tiki.



  1. Traci must have the bomb puzzy cause Tiki has lost his damn mind….lol……that white girl put it down hard on a brother…….

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