Tim Tebow Trying to Shut Down Owners of Tebowing.com

I find this interesting because while Tebow didn’t come up with Tebowing, does he has a right to go after the guys who did.

Legally he does, but morally…………

With Tebow you always have to throw in the moral choices. Before I give a few more thoughts here is what Tebow’s lawyers are trying to accomplish.

Shortly after Tebow became the starting quarterback for the Broncos and led the team to a comeback win in Miami, the “Tebowing” trend began. The savvy fan who began the “Tebowing” movement decided to create a website after realizing how popular the trend was, and he named it Tebowing.com.

That fan, Jared Kleinstein, filed filed paperwork with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the rights to Tebowing four days after creating the site. He and another website operator who sells Tebowing merchandise were turned down on their attempt to trademark “Tebowing” because of a “false connection” to a living individual, Newsday reports. Tebow’s lawyer had protested each of their applications and got the ruling in his client’s favor. Both Kleinstein and the other creator have a chance to respond to their trademark request by August 22.

Would it hurt to let these guys make a couple of dollars on the side?

Probably not, but you want to have control of your name. You don’t want someone selling Tebow shirts with Devil Horns. I think he should make them a nice offer to take over the sites and it is a win/win.

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