Trent Richardson Escorting Leukemia Victim Courtney Alvis To Prom

I love stories like this.

I think every girl should have an opportunity to experience the prom but unfortunately, that doesn’t happen for some girls due to circumstances such as lack of funds or sickness.

Fortunately, for Ms. Courtney Alvis, who missed her junior prom due to her battle with leukemia, she is well enough to attend her senior prom this year and gets to go with a VERY popular guy, Trent Richardson.

 After a year of chemotherapy, Alvis is on the mend and has been granted permission to attend her senior prom. One problem: She didn’t have a date.

Her uncle stepped forward and used an Alabama connection to spread the word. Richardson heard about Alvis’ situation and offered to escort her.

“I’m really excited but I’m also nervous,” Alvis said. “I’ve watched Trent all the time on TV, and he’s going to be coming to prom with me.”

Kudos to Richardson. I’m pretty sure this good deed got him extra brownie points with NFL executives, who love to draft players with good character.


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  • She’s a survivor not a victim.

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