Vegas Says Kentucky Would be a 30 Point Underdog Against Wizards

It wasn’t too long ago Kentucky lost to Vanderbilt.

This was a very good Kentucky team, but they aren’t even in the discussion of the greatest college basketball teams of all time.

So when I started hearing whispers about how they could beat a NBA team I just laughed at how stupid that was. While anything could happen in a one game situation, Kentucky would be the Washington Generals to any NBA team Harlem Globetrotters.

Vegas agrees.

Charles Barkley who started this whole debate, when he said last week of Kentucky:

“Nobody can beat this team. The Toronto Raptors can’t, the Bobcats maybe. But there’s nobody in this NCAA tournament that can beat this team.”

Turns out he was right about the last point. But surprisingly, some have agreed with him on the NBA part. In fact, Larry Brown said that the Wildcats could beat 15 NBA teams. Fortunately, cooler heads are also being heard, and are declaring the notion pure poppycock.

But since the idea is out there, we should probably go to the one true source. Who better than Vegas oddsmakers to sort this thing out? Here’s what respected book,, thinks of the prospect of a Kentucky vs. Washington Wizards matchup (at 12-41, the Wizards have the second-worst record in the NBA. The Charlotte Bobcats are at 7-43).

Kentucky vs. NBA?

Las Vegas consensus opinion is that Kentucky would be a 30-point underdog against the Washington Wizards (a bottom rung NBA team) if game was played on a neutral court under NBA rules.

What weed is Larry Brown smoking these days?

He compared Anthony Davis to Wilt Chamberlain and thinks that UK could beat 15 teams in the NBA? Someone needs to check Brown into the hospital immediately, he has lost his mind.

Vegas is always the voice of reason.