Vernon Davis’ Brother Michael Suspected of Murdering a 66 Year Old Man With a Hammer


Hopefully this isn’t true and the brother of NFL players Vernon and Vontae isn’t the person who is committing these assaults.

The evidence is not looking good.

The Associated Press reports that 19-year-old Michael Davis was arrested and accused of striking a woman in the head with a hammer. Police are investigating whether he is also responsible for a series of similar attacks, including the killing of a 66-year-old man. Davis’ father confirmed to ABC 7 in Washington that Michael Davis is the younger brother of Vernon and Vontae.

Vernon Davis wrote the following on his verified Twitter account on Thursday night: “Just got a disturbing call from back home in washington dc. A good day gone bad! Hopefully he wasn’t involved!”

The police caught Michael Davis as he dropped a backpack with a hammer inside which they believed was the weapon used in the assaults.

Michael is looking at life in prison if convicted on all charges.