Warren Sapp Lists Jeremy Shockey as Potential Creditor in New Bankruptcy Docs

Best way to make sure someone doesn’t sue you is by not lying.

If Sapp wouldn’t have lied about Shockey being the Bounty Snitch, he wouldn’t have to worry about Shockey winning a lawsuit and getting his Jordans (Read Warren Sapp’s Bankruptcy Docs..Naked Paintings, Baby Mamas, Lionskin Rugs & More).

Broke NFL legend Warren Sapp has warned the judge in his bankruptcy case that Jeremy Shockey might sue his ass for defamation … because Sapp accused him of being the “snitch”in the NFL bounty scandal.

As we previously reported, Shockey has been considering taking legal action against Sapp … claiming Warren went on the NFL Network and FALSELY identified Jeremy as the man who blew the whistle on the New Orleans Saints just a few months ago.

Now, Sapp has filed new docs in bankruptcy court, listing Shockey as a potential creditor … joining a long list of creditors that includes baby mamas, the IRS and a speech therapist.

I mentioned before that I believe Sapp filed bankruptcy not because he is broke, but to protect his assets and what money he currently has.

Smart move even if it is embarrassing PR.

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