Warren Sapp Said He Filed For Bankruptcy to Avoid Going to Jail

Many say that bankruptcy is a last resort especially when you are trying to protect your assets.

In my mind Sapp was making a proactive move to make sure creditors and baby mamas couldn’t get in his pocket. While slightly embarrassing it probably saves him a lot of heartache in the long run.

Here is what he had to say.

“Do you think I wanted to declare bankruptcy?” Sapp said. “Do you think if there was any other way possible I would have done it? It was either this or go to jail. Those were my choices.”

“You tell me what to do,” Sapp said. “Do you keep working without a check? If you don’t pay your child support, you go to jail. This wasn’t something I wanted to do. This was something I had to do.”

Shelton also asked Sapp about the report of the naked woman in his listed items of net worth and he gave an answer that makes it sound like he’s in pretty good spirits after all.

“I’m not an interior decorator,” Sapp said. “Some designer put that on the wall, and I liked it. It’s in my bedroom. By the time a woman gets there, she might be naked, too.”

The naked women in the bedroom and lack of condoms are the reason he owes so much in back child support, but I digress. If you look at it as plainly as Sapp it was a no brainer.

I rather get slandered on Twitter than be in jail.

Hope he gets all his financial situations worked out.