Warren Sapp Says He is Broke, Lost His Super Bowl Ring & Files for Bankruptcy

Either Warren Sapp is really trying to not pay his baby mamas or you can add him to the list of athletes who made a ton of money and blew it by the time their career was over.

While I have been critical of Sapp in the past,  most recently for his incorrectly calling Jeremy Shockey the Super Bowl Snitch, I never want to see anyone in bad financial condition.

Here is the report.

Sapp — who played in the NFL for 12 years — just filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Florida … and in the papers he gives a full rundown of his dire financial situation.

According to the docs, Sapp owes more than $6.7 million to various creditors … including hundreds of thousands of dollars in child support payments and alimony to at least 4 different baby mamas.

Among the debts, Sapp says he owes $853k to the IRS for 2006 and another $89k for 2010. Sapp says he also owes $2,858 in medical bills for “Corrective Speech and Language Therapy.”

Sapp says he only has $6.45 million to his name … and lists all of his assets in the documents … which include:

— 240 pairs of Jordan sneakers and sandals
— Large Nude women painting
— Lion skin rug (female – lioness)
— Nike golf clubs
— De Grisogono watch (scratch on crystal, nicks and scratches on band)
— A boxing glove signed by Muhammad Ali

But most interestingly, Sapp notes he has his most treasured and valuable possessions — the 2002 Super Bowl ring he won with the Tampa Bay Bucs

In the docs, Sapp also lists his current salary as an analyst for the NFL Network as $45k per month … $540k per year. Sapp says his deal with the NFL Network expires in August and he’s not sure if the network will extend his deal.

Jordans? Nude woman painting? Lionskin rug?

Considering he has $6 plus million still in assets, don’t feel too bad for him, but hopefully he gets everything corrected before he is playing for the Allen Wranglers.

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  • Now the last line of this article pisses me off! Stop knocking the IFL would you please!

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