Willie McGinest Calls Wes Welker a “Diva” and Says He Wears “Leopard-Printed Boots”

Why are Ex-Patriots players so salty about everything?

They are forever ripping new Patriots players. They sound like your drunk uncle at the family BBQ…

“Back in my day Youngins cut the grass with a lawnmower with no engine”

Man, be quiet. These quotes are totally out of line from McGinest.

“I just don’t like the diva attitude,” said McGinest, per WEEI in Boston. “Let’s keep it real: Prior to the Patriots, this is a guy who played three years, had 96 receptions, never had a 1,000-yard season.

“This $9 million-plus that they’re offering is half of his last contract. That’s a lot of money. Let’s not forget that they signed Brandon Lloyd, they signed (Anthony Gonzalez), they signed (Deion) Branch back, they got the two tight ends; they have weapons on that offense. So look, Wes, it’s time to take off the leopard-printed cowboy boots, get off the party tour and get back to work.”

There is an unwritten rule between NFL players, you don’t talk about another man’s money.  Wes Welker is trying to take care of his family in a violent sport, so he needs to milk every single dollar he can out of it before it is too late.

If Wes Welker wants to go on a Party Tour and wear leopard printed boots that is his business.

Plus, why should anyone listen to a 40 year old man with a box curl.