WQAM Miami Replaces Fired Sid Rosenberg With Also Recently Fired Dan Sileo

Changes in local sports talk radio are rarely even worth reporting, but last week WQAM afternoon drive host Sid Rosenberg was arrested after being pulled over for DUI after leaving a strip club and was found in a fetal position behind his car.

He was allowed on the air the day after his arrest, then Monday it was announced he was being suspended only to be fired Tuesday. Not unexpected, but the man they picked to replace him is, Dan Sileo.

If you remember, Dan Sileo was recently fired from his gig at a Tampa Sports Talk Radio Station after referring to several black NFL free agents as “monkeys”.

On a smaller scale, this is the equivalent of University of Arkansas announcing that they are replacing Bobby Petrino with Gregg Williams. Whoever is running WQAM should have considered a safer pick instead of replacing a “shock jock” with another guy who was just fired for controversial comments.

Sileo is not an out of the blue selection though, he did play football at the University of Miami and WQAM broadcasts their games.