5 Reasons Why Floyd Mayweather Will Defeat Miguel Cotto

Many have asked does Miguel Cotto have a chance against Floyd Mayweather. In boxing nothing is a given, but when it is all said and done Mayweather will walk out of the ring 43-0 and here is why.

1- Cotto’s soul only partially returned after beating Antonio Margarito

It was important for Cotto to beat Margarito after he snatched his soul away from him with loaded gloves. Cotto put on a very good performance.

It was one of the better performances of his career.

One thing though bothered me in retrospect. Even though Margarito is a human punching bag and slow as Maurice Clarett in the 40 yard dash, Cotto’s face was still marked up heavily.

So while he got his revenge, I am hesitant to say he is all the way back to Prime Cotto and he is going to be in the ring with a fighter 50x better than Margarito, it could lead to a long night.

2- You can’t outbox Floyd Mayweather

Cotto the older he has gotten the more he has become more of a technical boxer than a brawler. The way someone is going to beat Mayweather is with a “Tarver style” punch, not being a technician. If he attempts to box with Mayweather he will be beat to the punch all night.

3- Mayweather is the stronger finisher

Cotto has a bad habit even in fights he has won to fade down the stretch or retreat when he feels he can’t win. He did it against loaded hands Margarito, Shane Mosley, Manny Pacquiao and others. Mayweather is not seen as a closer, but he actually gets better as the fight goes in. Best chance to get Mayweather is early in a fight, because once he figures you out it is a wrap.

4- Who is really the physically stronger fighter?

One of the misconceptions about Floyd Mayweather is he isn’t a strong fighter. While he doesn’t have one punch knockout power, when he hits you, you feel it.

Cotto was a considered a beast at 140 pounds, but hasn’t shown that type of power at 147 or 154. If you look at Mayweather and Cotto side by side there isn’t much of a difference.

In the end I believe it will be Mayweather than will be lander the stronger blows as the fight progresses.

5- Intelligence

Don’t let all the 24/7 stuff fool you, Mayweather is a very intelligent person. He picked Miguel Cotto because he knew his name recognition would bring in big dollars, but would be a minimal threat to him. I think Victor Ortiz was a more dangerous fight.


Cotto is a professional fighter and he is going to try his best to win, but he is outgunned in this situation. His only hope is to throw caution to the wind and attack Mayweather from the opening bell. If he gets an opportunity like Shane Mosley had in the 2nd round of his fight with Mayweather has has to take better advantage.

If he spends too much time trying to box with Mayweather it will be another clinical performance for the Money Team.

On caveat Father Time is undefeated in the ring, Mayweather is 35 years old, he isn’t in his prime and the clock is ticking, you never know when that Tarvar punch is coming, so be aware.

4 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Floyd Mayweather Will Defeat Miguel Cotto

  • The first Mayweather fight I watched on Dish in HD was his last fight against Ortiz. I was wowed by the tenacity of Mayweather as a fighter, especially after Ortiz’s cheap shot. I’ve ordered this fight in HD again through Dish, because one of my co-workers there swears that this fight will be a lot closer, and I want a front row seat without leaving home. Thanks for the Cotto/Mayweather rundown; this is going to be an incredible fight!

  • I’m tired of Floyd’s alibis or reasons in not fighting Pacquiao. He is now like a broken record already. He kept on using Pacquiao’s name to hype his non-Pacquiao fights. Floyd’s HBO 24/7 series was a bore and now he rants on Pacquiao to get attention to his fight with a Pacquiao leftover (Cotto) who just defeated another Pac leftover (Margarito). Mayweather kept on openly daring Pacquiao but he wont give the man a fair share of the rules and money. He has too many demands to make the fight – unusual, distracting, destructive, humiliating, too advantageous for him kind of demands (No PPV shares? My goodness!). Floyd just sucker punched Ortiz to win and duped a forced-to-bloat Marquez in the scales. Floyd wants to be on top of Pacquiao by defaming him in the media and without fighting him atop the ring. He is all talk. FLOYD IS THE ONE DUCKING!!! Floyd is obviously a ducking expert, fake, self-proclaimed, self-hyped great fighter with a questionable undefeated slate. Stick this to your minds, folks, and don’t get fooled. Enough is enough!

    • Thanks for the link; it brings up some interesting points that I didn’t know existed. Novocain, really? Mayweather seems to be all about hype, who else would get in the ring with Justin Beiber and an entourage of celebrities.

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