Allen Iverson Speaks on Playing in China & Why He Should Be Playing in the NBA

This interview with SLAM was more about Reebok and reminiscing about the old A.I., but they did squeeze in some questions about his future.

On watching games, how tough that is and where his skill level is currently at:

Iverson: “Yeah, [it’s tough], especially when I know I can do what I do. I know I can play. Am I as quick and as fast as I was 15 years ago? Who is (laughs)? I think the hardest time I’m having with it is being healthy like this. I ain’t never been to where don’t nothing hurt, don’t nothing bother me. I wish there was a season where I was playing and didn’t have no aches, no pains, no bruises, no nothing. Just feeling like this right now, I would love the opportunity to do it.

“Yeah. If I get out there and you see I’m not moving around like I used to—I’m not gonna get out there and embarrass myself like that (laughs). Ain’t no way I’ma do that. I wouldn’t even do that to myself, like to put myself through that, to where people are saying, ‘He lost a step.’ Like, I might have lost one, but I didn’t lose two, three, four, five steps.”

On what’s in store for the future:

Iverson: “Man, that’s what I want to do. Go over there [China] and play.”

He should go over to China. He and Marbury can be the Magic and Bird of the CBL, because the NBA appears to be a thing of the past for The Answer.