Allen Iverson Wants His Wife Tawanna Thrown in Jail For Stealing His Hidden Money

I guess Tawanna didn’t tell him that she was going to clean out their home while A.I. was over in China and crying at Sixers games.

A.I. is upset that while he was away, Tawanna did him like the Colts did the city of Baltimore.

According to the docs, Iverson’s wife infiltrated his home while he was gone — pillaging furniture, art, memorabilia … and a large sum of cash.

Iverson says he’s asked Tawanna several times to return the stuff — but so far, she’s refused.

Tawannna and A.I. have been warring since she filed for divorce last year. Last month she requested a restraining order, claiming her ex was harassing and threatening her.

Now, A.I. wants a judge to hold Tawanna in contempt for harassing him … and throw her in jail … at least until she returns the stolen goods. He also wants an order barring her from entering the home.

Straight jack move by Tawanna.

If she broke into his home, why didn’t A.I. file a police report? She probably still had access to the house and he just assume she would never take anything.

It appears he assumed wrong and if it was property they jointly shared good luck trying to get that back.

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