Amar’e Stoudermire Campaigns For Steve Nash to Come to New York

Steve Nash on any team is an upgrade.

Even the older and wiser Nash is one of the better point guards in the league, plus Amar’e played his best basketball when he was paired with Nash.

There is one big problem though and I will get to that after you read what Amar’e had to say.

Amar’e Stoudemire issued a public plea to Steve Nash, his former Phoenix Suns teammate who will be a free agent on July 1, to join him in New York.

“Everyone knows that Steve loves New York and that New York loves Steve,” Stoudemire told The Daily News. “I love Steve. It would be great to have him here next year.”

As I mentioned before while everyone loves Steve Nash, there is still one big elephant in the room.

Carmelo Anthony.

Nash works the best with the ball in his hands and working off the pick and roll (so does Jeremy Lin for that matter), while Melo seems to only be happy with wing ISO plays.

Could Melo adjust his game?

He could, but he wouldn’t do it for Mike D’Antoni, so you have to wonder if he would give that much control over to Nash.

The Knicks can’t stand pat, their team is not constructed to be a championship contender right now, so they have to make some moves.

Hopefully it is the right ones for Knicks fan.

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