Amir Khan Wants His Loss to Lamont Peterson Reversed and His Belts Back


There are a few reasons I have a hard time believing Lamont Peterson’s story that it was an innocent mistake having extra testosterone pumped into his body.

If it was a medical issue, he should have alerted someone so he could get an exemption to take the medication. When his first test came back positive he lied and said he didn’t take an testosterone medication even though he had flown all the way to Vegas to receive it. When the the second test came back positive he mysteriously remembered going to the doctor. Peterson’s team never alerted Golden Boy about the situation.

What I believe happened is Peterson got away with it during the first fight and assumed the testing was the same for the second fight and he would never get caught.

Unfortunately for him the testing for the second bout wasn’t locally in his hometown of DC and was much stricter. I think Khan has a legitimated beef because Peterson admits to taking testosterone for the first fight.

Golden Boy Promotions, on behalf of former unified junior welterweight titleholder Amir Khan, is moving swiftly in an effort to have the result of Khan’s split-decision title loss to Lamont Peterson in December overturned to a no-contest and the belts returned to Khan in the wake of Peterson’s failed drug test.

Golden Boy attorney Arnold Joseph wrote letters on Friday to Alfred Grant, deputy commissioner of the Washington, D.C., Boxing and Wrestling Commission, asking that the fight result be changed to a no-contest.

Joseph also wrote to Daryl Peoples of the IBF and Gilberto Mendoza Jr. of the WBA, the organizations that sanctioned the world title bout on Dec. 10, asking for the titles to be returned to Khan.