Anthony Davis Spotted Wearing Hornets Hat Before NBA Draft Lottery (Photo)


Who knows when this picture was taken.

It could have been yesterday, it could have been last year. Could be a Charlotte Hornets’ throwback for all we know.

Let’s have fun with though and say it helps builds the conspiracy theory that maybe, just maybe the team the NBA owned and just sold to Tom Benson wanted to make sure the Franchise got off to a fresh start.

Oh and if the young lady in the pic wants to come forward just because she seemed very happy, tell her to feel free to contact me.

H/T Not Bill Walton


  1. Yeah, that’s totally a Charlotte Hornets throwback, that is the Charlotte logo and color scheme, the New Orleans team is teal and gold while Charlotte was more purple. Just a coincidence.

  2. If you dont know for sure when the picture was taken, Why post it? Irresponsible journalism sucks!!

  3. It’s definitely a Charlotte throwback. The basketball on the old logo and the hat are orange. On the current logo it’s gold/yellow.

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