Bills WR David Clowney Tweets His HIV Results (Photo)

I am not one of those guys who tell people what they should Tweet.

It isn’t my Twitter account, so you can do whatever you want. If you are an athlete and you say something stupid or controversial on Twitter as a journalist it is my job to report it, but honestly I could care less.

So, if David Clowney wants all the ladies to know that he is HIV free, my level of caring is on the same level of Andrew Bynum caring about his haircut.

I am glad he is healthy, but………..

He seems pretty excited about it, hope he isn’t Cromarting around in women.

2 thoughts on “Bills WR David Clowney Tweets His HIV Results (Photo)

  • People may not know this but another test is required in 6 months to verify the first Hiv test.

  • It is fine that you want to mock the man, but he did an incredible thing. AIDS among young Black men is on the rise and it isn’t GAY Black men. It is straight Black men. So mock away, Clowney is a hero in my book, and you are just an ass for not encouraging more men no matter what color to get tested. This shows your ignorance about issues other than sports. Stop watching TV and pick up a book.

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