Brian Banks’ False Rape Accuser Wanetta Gibson Blew Her Entire $1.5 Million & is on Welfare


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I am not going to drop this story until Wanetta Gibson is behind bars.  I will continue to point out what an evil and vile individual she is.  I am not surprised by the following things.

As soon as she got the $1.5 million for falsely accusing Brian Banks, she and her family ran right through the money.

She has two kids by two different fathers only a year apart.

She has been on public assistance, which honestly is for hard working people who need it and not liars who stole $1.5 million.  I don’t care if she is broke or suffering.  She didn’t have to spend 5 years in jail and have her hopes destroyed like Banks.

L.A. prosecutors have said they have no plans to charge her with making false accusations, saying it would be a tough case to prove.

Legal experts noted it could be difficult for the Long Beach school district and its insurer to get the settlement back.

Then there is the reality of Gibson’s life.

Court records suggest she has few assets: She received public assistance for a time and her children, ages 4 and 5, still do, according to two suits brought by the county in an attempt to collect child support. Gibson, who could not be reached for comment, was ordered initially to pay a $600 a month toward their support. But in the last year, county officials said she didn’t have to pay anything, citing a lack of income and employment.

According to Banks and his private investigator, Gibson has refused to admit to prosecutors that she lied to avoid having to return the money she and her family had won in court.

I don’t care if it is a tough case to prove, it needs to be done.  They very easily figured out a way to get Banks in jail, they should do the same for Gibson.

Banks is suing the state of California for the time he spent in jail under a false charge.  Banks seems like a good person and has handle the situation as best he could.  I hope he gets all the money he can.

But, if the law won’t do anything about Gibson we will.  I don’t want her to be able to go anywhere without people know this is the face of a liar who destroyed a man’s life.



138 thoughts on “Brian Banks’ False Rape Accuser Wanetta Gibson Blew Her Entire $1.5 Million & is on Welfare

  • People like her is why I’ll be single my entire life, afterlife, and any possible returns to this world. I know there are plenty of good women out there, but this is what I have always run into. I guit.

    • Grow up. If his parents are willing to forgive a naive 16 yr old child at the time that this happen then you should too. She did the right thing. She came forward. We all get caught up in right and wrong. Which one of you have never made a mistake in your young life (or your old one for that matter).

      Not saying what she did was right be she deserves to be forgiven.

      She is not evil. Evil does not reach out to tell the truth, only lies.

      She may have been fearful, but not evil.

      • “We all get caught up in right and wrong”
        That’s a ridiculous cop-out!! To lie about rape is dead wrong!! This was not a simple mistake. This is someone LYING ABOUT A RAPE!!!! If you call this just a “mistake,” it makes me question what kind of person you are. Ms. Gibson proved how evil she was when she stated she would tell the prosecutors the truth as long as she didn’t have to return the settlement money she received. This whole thing is just disgusting!!!

      • Grow up ? This women/girl destroyed this mans life ! What if you were raped and the guy came forward 5 years later, would u forgive him ? A women cries and all the sympathy in world goes to her. I’ve been in Family Court and heard my sons mother lie and lie with no proof of anything but i had to stay away from my child because of her lies.
        Anyone that falsely accuses someone of a horrendous crime like this should be imprisoned for a long time so they can not do it to anyone else and for anyone that thinks of trying to falsify a claim, will think twice..

        • I was raped in highschool and I never told out of fear that no one would believe me. The guy found me through a mutual classmate almost 20 years later and apologized. I forgave him. Yes, I suffered so many things after that incident, it changed my life forever. For one, I ended up with 4 kids by the time I was 21. I could have chosen to hold on to the anger but I chose to let it go and embrace the hardships (fair or not)because it all made me who I am today. I survived and thrived through it all. Nobody knows the full story of the life this girl endured because of her decision and if we want to hold anyone accountable, it would be her mother who allowed it to go on. Brian let it go, so the rest of us should be able to.

          • KV, not to belittle your horrific experience, but you did not end up with 4 kids at 21 *because* you were raped. While being raped can have a tremendous affect on one’s emotional and sexual functionality, being raped in high school does not equate to making foolish mistakes in terms of birth control. Those were decisions you made, knowing full well what can happen when you do not use birth control. Even if you didn’t know the first time, you sure as hell should have learned before the next three.

            Again, I am in no way belittling your experience. Rape is horrific and wrong. But let’s be serious and honest about what happened due to being raped and what happened due to your own choices and behavior.

          • I know the story of her life because of lying, she was rewarded with $1.5 million dollars. She should be jailed and anything she gets for the rest of her life taken to repay all the victims of her action.

          • KV – Wanetta flat out said he did not rape her. It’s on tape. There was no DNA, no witnesses. He’s maintained his innonence, and she, after squandering the money and being tortured by her conscience, sought him out and admitted she lied. She lied, KV, she lied. You didn’t lie, but she did. Let’s not make any excuses for her – she’s the female equivalent of a male rapist.

          • KV, your post is selfish, narcissistic and ultimately irrelevant to this conversation. Go away troll.

          • bell reve, you don’t understand what one go through after being raped so how can you say that about kv. people react differently in that situation. For her to hold all that in was probably torture. It could have caused her to be very could have caused her to have low self esteem. the bad choices she made could have been from the rape. so until you walk those shoes you shouldn’t judge. some people just can’t handle it. did you always use birth control when you had sex? yeah, she could have used birth control, but in her emotional state she didn’t care. i was sexually abused as a child, but praise God it did not affect me in the way it affect so many other women. if you don’t deal with it it can mess you up. it will cause you to act out in ways that others will NEVER understand. so you should be very careful of the seeds that you are sowing right now, it’s dangerous.

            to the person who says wanetta must die
            my son is in the same situation that brian was in. do i forgive her, YES i have. was it hard to forgive her? YES it was. it’s a process. just like brian there was not evidence. OH, and according to her, she was a virgin. the rape kit showed no physical trauma to the vagina, no scaring to the vagina, no forced entry, no marks on him or her, NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING. he is serving prison time for something he did not do. but i forgive her. like someone said, you don’t know what she was going through, so to say she should die is wrong. of course it’s wrong what she has done, do she really need to die because of a lie? of course not. i’m sure you have lied about something, you have probably even lied about something to same your own butt. should you die. come on people don’t be so harsh. i’m sure someone had mercy on you, show the same mercy for someone else.

      • She didnt come forward!!!! She admitted to him (Banks) she lied but didn’t want to say anything because she didnt want to give the money back she got for LYING!!!! Stupid comments like yours are why this country is so screwed up!!!! This stupid B#@%& lied and got a man…no… A BOY.. thrown in PRISON for something he didn’t do and then she got $1,500,000 for it!!!!! And we should forgive her??? Plus she is on welfare???? What??? Oh no… this woman…and YOU (for even suggesting we “forgive her” should be put in prison!!! I mean… how do you blow all that money after lying to get it and then get tax payers money for assistance???? I swear.. do the world a favor and just give this idiot a LETHAL INJECTION NOW!!!! Tired of people being lazy bastards and making excuses!

        • Everyone needs to be forgiven at times for one thing or another. No one is without flaws, maybe we did not do what she did but we have done something that required our desire to be forgiven. On the issue of him feeling like going to trial was an automatic loss just based on his color and size to me is much more alarming than her lying.

          • Forgiven??? What she did is beyond any kind of forgiveness. This boy had to become a man in prison, lord only knows what horrors he faced behind bars. And rapists are considered low on the totem pole going inside, so I’m pretty sure he didn’t have an easy stay. And then she sat there living it up and spending recklessly all while he rotted behind bars and you somehow think this walking piece of garbage is deserving of forgiveness?! The only thing she’s deserving of is an equal amount of incarceration and to be fined for 1.5 mill AT THE LEAST. Short of that, a bullet between the eyes would be equally fitting. Also bear in mind, for every woman who is actually raped they have a much harder time convincing anyone thanks to ‘cry wolf’ w#ores like Wanetta Gibson.

          • Okay…I can forgive her once she has her tubes tied, AND spends 10 years in jail. Then, I will forgive her. Forgiveness is for those who do all they can to correct the wrong they did. It is NOT for those who admit to a “mistake”, with conditions. All of you who are saying we should forgive her are part of the problem…she has not faced up to what she did. There is no forgiveness due her.

        • WGB = Thief, Liar, Cheat.

        • Chris has got it exactly right. Forgiveness does not mean to forget n and that she should not be held responsible for her actions. Forgiveness is for the one who was hurt so he can try to move on w his life. Her a$$ should rot in prison. She comitted a crime of false accusation, she profited from it and now she should pay for her crime. It should not be the victims choice if she is prosececuted, the police should do.

      • She came forward… What story are you reading???? REALLY! She hasn’t come forward and it took him recording it and taking it to the Innocents Project to get his name cleared…

        This woman is pure evil in every way shape and form.

        Sure we all do stupid things when we were young… But cost someone their prime years where they could have made an impact in the world…. Not a chance!

        So maybe you need to grow up, learn right from wrong and most of all read a story completely and not skim it and make an uneducated statement.

      • Grow up, you say. This woman sent a man to PRISON by lying about a rape that never happened. A high school kid went to prison with murders and rapist, and you think a blind eye should be turned. Bygones are bygones, huh? She let this man rot in jail for years, and you think she’s not evil. Imagine if it was your child sitting in jail because of such a heinous lie. As for your “fearful” comment. What fear are you referring to?

      • She did NOT come forward. They taped her so-called confession. And sorry…she is evil inmy book.

      • She sure is evil and VILE. She did not come forward, she was secretly recorded. How dare you defend such a horrible person who took ten years away from an innocent man’s life. What kind of sicko are you? SMH!

        • This is a great comparison, actually. The man who did the confessing actually didn’t confess – he sent a series of letters to the victim claiming he was writing to apologize – then when the victim started asking for details, he started back pedaling. Almost exactly like what Wanetta is doing. The police had no problem getting a conviction against the man – and he served time.

          The double standard is alive and well. Wanetta needs to be prosecuted for fraud and jailed. Even if she merely ends up serving a month and getting let out – she should have this on her record. So should her mother who participated in the fraud.

      • Sha, Ms. Gibson told the truth later. But to you, it’s better late than never, right? If you’re answer was right, then you’re dumber than I thought. Get and stay offline until you learn right from wrong.

      • Oh, aren’t you enlightened. This evil bitch needs to be harrassed for the rest of her shallow life.

      • She is straight up evil as hell and welfare moocher.

      • And if a sixteen year old rapes someone, you would say the same thing?

      • But remember, she didn’t come clean in court, or at any time during his 5 year term. She told the truth because she thought that he would take her back (or so I’ve heard).

      • Oh please Sha. This was not a simple “mistake” by a naive 16 year old. What she did was evil. It ruined a man’s life. Sorry, her “reaching out” only counts so far when she refused to admit the lie. And there is simply no excuse for blowing that much money and going back on the dole, at tax payer’s expense. That is greed, not a simple “mistake”.

      • She came forward? Um, no, she got caught lying. Not the same thing.

      • Did you even read the article? I have a hard time believing you did. This woman lied through her teeth about being raped, ruined Brian Banks’s life, and sued the school for $1.5 Million dollars over a rape she knew didn’t happen. They have her on hidden camera admitting that Brian never raped her and she did it because she needed money. The last thing on God’s green earth she deserves is forgiveness. Brian spent 62 months in jail and 5 years on probation. I don’t believe for one second that she regrets what she did because she had ten years to recant and she never did. Let me reiterate, she was caught on hidden camera. To this day she refuses to recant to the prosecutor out of fear of having to pay back the money she never deserved. This woman is a prime example of a nihilist. She has demonstrated that the only thing she regrets is blowing the money as quickly as she did.
        The real victims of people like Wanetta Gibson are the real victims of rape because the more false allegations there are the more likely legitimate allegations are to be met with skepticism.

      • Dear Sha,
        You are so wrong about this situation. Forgiveness is one thing-paying for your sins is another.This is way more than a simple naive mistake. This man lost a college educstion (scholorship), he lost 6 years of his life of freedom, He lost out in a possible 6 years of NFL employment and so much more with family and friends. A mistake you say, This was all evil. The prosecutors should charge her and offer the origenal 40 years and work project to pay back the 1.5 million. This is an fair option. Sha- you need to grow up

      • Typical golddigger. She hooks up with a star athlete hoping to cash in. When that doesn’t work, she claims he raped her. Her life is already a mess. Throwing her in the can would probably be an upgrade for her.

      • “Not saying what she did was right be she deserves to be forgiven.”

        Maybe, after admitting to prosecutors that she lied, stating that her mother put her up to it, and paying back the money – even if it’s at $100/day in prison.

        Mistakes are only learned from if there’s restitution involved.

      • Sha I think that you are really Wanetta Gibson trying to make more excuses for your unexcusable behavior.
        How sad for you that you think money is worth more than a man’s life. The right thing is the GUILTY one, Wanetta, should now spend time in jail for her crimes. And YES please, Wanetta, get off welfare because I go to work everyday to take care of my own and I would suggest you do the same. I am sick of taking care of scum like you. LEACH

      • You must be related to Ms.Gibson!!! Do you have any idea of how hard it is for a real rape victim to report the crime. To have to relive it over and over, poked and scraped for evidence!!! When evil women like Wanetta Gibson falsely accuse someone of rape it makes it even harder to convict real rapists. In due time she will get what is coming to her & I wouldn’t be surprised if it she was actually gang raped.

      • Her and her mom are the definition of scum. They let a man (who was set for a professional football career) sit in jail for 5 years while they spent 1.5 million then went on government assistance. You don’t think she is scum? She told him the truth but won’t do it in court because she doesn’t want to pay the money back. Not scum yet? She has two kids by two different men a year apart. Not scum yet?

      • are you fucking kidding me. people like you are WHATS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY! you’re pathetic.

      • You most be a woman. It wrong to lie your mother teaches you not to lie was a child. So a 16 year old girl should no better. Stepping up ten years later doesn’t make the better. She got 1.5 million dollars to lie and enjoy that money. It most be so hard to be a woman. More excuses than a fat chick trying to lose weight.

      • She’s not evil, she’s weak and her weakness and selfishness cost a man 6 years of his life and reputation. We wouldn’t absolve a 16 years old man for being weak a raping a woman, it should be no different for her.

      • get your facts str8. she got caught she didnt come forward!!….i hate when people like you comment on something they have little to no knowledge about.

      • That’s easy for you to say you didn’t spend 10 years in prison. You wasn’t locked up while your accuser went to court and slanderd your name while you had to sit there and take it knowing it wasn’t true. your mom didn’t have to come see you in prison on visitation while your lying a$$ acusser & her family lived the rich life. So if she wanted to tell the truth she should have did it then. She didn’t steal nothing out of store, that can be forgiven, she stole a person’s life & thats evil

      • her parents didn’t spend those 5 years in jail….

        she didn’t reach out to tell the truth, she was too inconsistent in her lies.

      • LOLOLO This nigga bitch is stupid as fuck you are too.

      • “Which one of you have never made a mistake in your young life.” Mistakes are made, but this was no mistake you fucking idiot. I made mistakes as a kid, but NEVER did anything to make someone go to prison and RUIN THEIR LIFE. A mistake you make as a young person is something like not paying attention while driving and causing an accident. This was a cold and calculated plan to get this man locked up and be paid well to do it. Wanetta Gibson should be thrown in prison for 10 years and she should spend the rest of her life paying off the 1.5 mil to the school district.

      • She is evil. She did not come forward, reach out or anything. He secretly taped her confession. She continues to refuse to publicly state the truth for fear of having to repay her squandered 1.5M. This is not a good person on any level. Thank goodness Mr. Banks can get on with his life now and try to leave this in the past, and leave this lying skank to ridicule for the remainder of her pathetic years on this planet.

      • You are a freaking idiot. Forgiving someone for lying on you putting you in prison for 5 long years and getting 1 million dollars and blowing it while you sit behind bars? Do you know what they do to rapist in prison? Do you know you have to spread your butt cheeks so officers can make sure after a visit you have not smuggled anything in? People like you disgust me talking about forgiving I hope this happens to someone close to you then you sell me that line of BS! She needs to be in prison period!

      • Chris has got it exactly right. Forgiveness does not mean to forget n and that she should not be held responsible for her actions. Forgiveness is for the one who was hurt so he can try to move on w his life. Her a$$ should rot in prison. She comitted a crime of false accusation, she profited from it and now she should pay for her crime. It should not be the victims choice if she is prosececuted, the police should do.

      • You are fucking disgusting and vile for your defense of the wretched piece of human waste.

      • are you serious? If she is not evil then why won’t she admit to prosecutor’s that she lied? My guess is his private invesitgator got it out of her on tape, but that tape isn’t enough evidence to prosecute, just to get him free.

      • by this logic we should just forgive everyone in jail for murder and rape as well and see them freed.

      • She didn’t come forward. She was secretly taped by Banks admitting she lied. She would still be sticking to her story today if it wasn’t for the tape.

      • sha: something is wrong with you!

      • WOW i wonder all girls should be excused if they make something up an destroys a mans life? I guess thats ok to, What kind of world you live in if you feel sorry for this MONEY HUNGRY GRUBBING GHETTO LIAR. Brian should sue the school for taking her side and believing in her before finding out the real truth. The money the school trying to recoup GOOD LUCK LOSERS, you gave a ghetto look alike 1.5 mil for some false story!!! ANYONE THAT AGREES AN FEELS SORRY FOR THIS DUMB IDIOT SHOULD BE BLAMED FOR SOMETHING AN YOUR FREEDOM TAKEN AWAY FROM YOU FOR 5 YEARS SEE HOW YOU FEEL!

    • Forgive? Really?! She is what is wrong with America. The fact that she could ruin a boys life with one lie is unbelievable.

      ONE LIE and this boy now man has had to fight for 10 years to clear his name.

      ONE LIE and this boy now man had to endure unspeakable horrors in what we call a justice system.

      ONE LIE and this boy now man has to start all over again.

      Well thank God he and his family are bigger than all of this. I have raised two children one boy and one girl and while I was diligent and feared for what could have happened to my daughter I also feared for what my boy could of been accused of that could ruin his life, by one little lying girl that got caught by her daddy doing something he deems unspeakable.

      Girls need to be taught early that there are consequences for lying and boys need to be taught, unfortunately, that a girl will be believed no matter what. God bless this young man and I pray he gets all that he deserves.

    • Spelling and subject verb agreement, or lack thereof, probably don’t factor into your being single I guess. Go eat some watermelon…

      • RUDE and has nothing to do with the article and Wanetta’s guilt.

    • she looks like a guy, who would really believe anyone wanted to rape her anyway?

  • The essence of evil at its finest. This is how low a person can go.

    She fits right in with Basketball Wives/Ho’s…..

  • You are absolutely correct, when you say ” the face of evil ” I feel like starting a petition to have this piece of welfare garbage prosecuted and separated from her kids for the damage that she caused.
    She has a black heart, and should be put through the system and prosecuted to let the world know that lying for gain will not be tolerated. The legal system needs to show that it does not lack integrity and charge this scum with perjury. Mr. Banks God Bless You & Your Family!

    • I could not agree with you more, We need to mae sure she pays for her wrong doing.

      • Who is going to make sure you pay for all your wrong doing? Just askin’!

        • Unless, Ralph falsely accused someone of rape, sent them to prison, and stole over 1 million dollars for the school system, your statement about his wrong doing is complete bullsh*t!

          • Exatly. Who is Sha? This evil bitch’s sister or something. She continues to act like all of us have done similar acts. Well that isn’t the case, although I’m beginning to think that for our good friend Sha that may not be the case.

        • Even if she should be forgiven (which I am NOT for), she should still owe Brian, the real victim, $1.5mil. I assume from your voiced opinion that even child rapists and murderers should be let out of jail and allowed to live their life among the rest of us then? Stupid bitc#.

        • Sha – what have you done that you seem to feel so much compassion for Wanetta? Where is your compasion for Brian Banks? Wanetta had her chance to choose a good and right path in life, but chose instead to ruin a young man who was on a good and right path in life and send him to prison. Sometimes people burn through their “chances” and this Wanetta monster has done that. All the chances should be lavished on Brian Banks. There aren’t enough apologies, dollars, and opportunities in the world to make up for what was done to him.

  • I am a dark brown /black man from Africa. I was hoping that the accuser would not be white, as it would be causing uprising ,by all the uncivil rights “heros” ,and by the lambs that follow them.It is not the action ,but the race that matters ???
    I did not hear any bounty on anybody, not that I want it. In the middle of this is a young man´s ruined life !!!

    • It’s not about race, but about a young man that had to go to prison, because a highschool girl thought she needed money. I think we all shoukld forget about the colour of our skin and start fighting the really evil people in this world, like Wanette.

  • The woman needs to go to jail as a reminder to anyone who thinks filing false accusations against someone(especially for money) will be punished. I can only hope that Mr. Banks files a law suit against her. AND shame on her for crying rape – legitimate victims suffer because of scum like her!

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