Brian Banks Falsely Accused Rapist Suing State of California..Wanetta Gibson is Still Free



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Banks will be suing for false imprisonment.

Honestly, he should get more than the $100 a day that he is entitled to for every day that he spent in prison.

Justin Brooks of the California Innocence Project told the Times. “We do plan on filing a state claim for the $100 a day Brian is entitled to under State Law 4900 for every day he was wrongfully incarcerated.”

“I’m just thankful to be free now and have the opportunity like anybody else to thrive in life,” Banks told ABC News Radio on Thursday.

Banks will seek $100 for each day he spent in jail, which he is entitled to under state law, his lawyer told the Times.

The former star athlete also hopes to don his football cleats once more.

We hope some NFL team invites him to training camp.

Prosecutors and police are dragging their feet in charging  Wanetta Gibson with a crime and sending her to jail, so we have to keep the pressure on, do not let this story die and remember the face evil.


  1. What happened now to this case. Is she already in jail? I feel so sorry for Brian who suffer from just an accusation which is not really true.

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