Brock Lesnar Considering UFC Comeback

He has been terrible in the WWE, so I don’t think they would care if he went back or not.

Lesnar showed up at UFC 146 last night and that caused a stir. Dana White made sure to let it be known that Brock is considering coming back into the fold.

The reason for Brock’s appearance was cleared up at the UFC 146 post-show press conference in which Dana White admitted that Brock Lesnar is “seriously considering” a UFC return. When asked if there was anything more to Brock being in attendance tonight, Dana responded with a simply ”yeah”.

Either way, this is big news for the UFC as Brock Lesnar was easily their biggest draw in the history of the company. With their buyrates floundering, Brock will be welcomed back with open arms whether he can take a punch or not.

Bryan Alvarez of is reporting that Dana White first contact Lesnar last week about coming to the show but wanted it to be “kept a secret.” Dana has confirmed that he will speak with Brock tonight regarding future plans.

Everyone knows about the year long contract Brock signed with the WWE, but he hasn’t improved the ratings or the PPV buy rate on the one PPV he was on.

Simply not a big star in that world anymore, so I am sure they wouldn’t mind cutting him loose.

One thought on “Brock Lesnar Considering UFC Comeback

  • It looks like Dana White is giving Vince a taste of his own medicine. That’s because he flirted with Brock while he was in the UFC.

    Also, how can Brock be terrible if he’s hardly there? Ratings and ppv buy rates?? huh??? Are you a wrestling fan or WWE executive?

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