Cam Newton Says He Was Bad Teammate Last Year

This is what I like to hear from Young Franchise quarterbacks.

You can’t just be happy with stats and a couple of wins, you have to understand that being a quarterback is more than just throwing the ball around.

Newton spoke to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports about what he needs to do better in his second NFL season. It had nothing to do with throwing for more yards in the first halves of games, something that wouldn’t actually represent much of a change. Newton thinks he needs to be better about letting go when mistakes happen and that he needs to find a new way to interact with his teammates.

“I was very immature,” Newton said. “I’ll be the first one to tell you, the pouting and the moping, I kind of overdid it. I know that. I was a bad teammate. I shut off to some people who gave unbelievable effort. … That’s where I have to mature.”

I mentioned several times last year about Newton’s pouting. As a quarterback you have to have a steady hand and it appears Cameron understands that now.