Caption the Photo: Russell Westbook’s Gone Fishing Shirt and Urkel Red Glasses


Do the glasses even have lenses?

An extra smedium fishing tackle Goodwill shirt?


I am not the type of guy who goes on and on about what clothes a guys wears. Whatever his style, that is his choice, but it comes a point as a man you are embarrassing your brothers with your choices.

Westbrook embarrassed us all as men this evening. White, Black, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Italians, Avatar Boshes and etc.

Derek Fisher, please school your boy.

The Basketball Gods are not pleased.


  1. I completely disagree. Love Russ’ style, my thought right after I saw this was “Legend Worldwide” because I wish I was wearing that shirt and glasses. Maybe it’s partly because Family Matters was my favorite show (And Urkel my favorite character) and that Russ is my favorite player but its the perfect combination of ridiculousness, nerd, and style.

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