CB Morris Claiborne Willing To Play Receiver For Cowboys

Somewhere in between blowing off the Wonderlic and being a target of twodel accusations, Morris Claiborne did go 6th overall in the NFL Draft draft this year.

While Claiborne is an extremely talented corner, he stated in a radio interview that he would jump at the opportunity to play both offense and defense.

“I would love to be a two-way player,” Claiborne told “Galloway and Company.” … “If they gave me that chance and opportunity to go both sides of the ball I’d love it. I won’t turn it down.”

This could be a great idea or a horrible one. If I were the Cowboys, I would proceed with caution here. Claiborne was drafted that high for one purpose only — to shut down guys like Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz, and DeSean Jackson. Dallas already has talented WRs on the roster so that’s not a pressing need for them.

However, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to have certain offensive packages for Claiborne where he could catch some defenses sleeping with his great hands and elite speed.

If the Cowboys do make him a two-way player, moderation will be the key. Long gone are the days of being America’s team, the Cowboys just need to make a deep postseason run — and they may just have the players to do it.