Chad Ochocinco Robbed..Heated Over Lost Starbucks Gold Card (Video)


I won’t even go over why Ochocinco owes me $500 for a scientific experiment, but unknown to me, Ocho was robbed earlier in the day.

Here is his story.

Now the good news.

One of his 3.4 million Twitter followers reported Ocho’s wallet found (by the tweeter’s mother, no less) in a dusty parking lot in Providence, R.I. (This is real, people.) Starbucks joined the party soon after, offering to send Ocho a brand new Gold Card.

Since he has his wallet and gold card back, maybe I can get the $500 for my scientific experiment.


  1. Lame ass people. He didn’t deserve this, no one really does. Scummy people man…I’m glad he got his wallet and card back.

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