Chad Ochocinco To Raffle Off Custom Made Lamborghini Murcielago on Twitter

If I had more than $5 in my pocket, I would put a bid on the Lambo.

Maybe Ray J will try to buy it, to go with his 7 Phantoms and his indoor/outdoor pool. Here is the info straight from OCNN.

Chad Ochocinco is raffling off his custom made Lamborghini Murcielago and one of his Twitter followers will win it. Details are still emerging but here is what we know so far. A portion of the proceeds will go to Feed The Children, a charitable organization that Chad has worked with many times. As of when this raffle will take place along with the full details, all Chad would tell us when we visited with him is “very soon”. During the visit, we were able to get some snapshots of the stunning machine we will be revealing shortly.

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