Chris Bosh Returns to Miami to Be With Pregnant Wife Adrienne, May Miss Game 3 vs Knicks

According to multiple sources, Heat Forward Chris Bosh has flown back to Miami to be with his pregnant wife Adrienne after she posted a message on a social networking account saying he should “hurry home”

More details from the Associated Press.

The Heat were told late Wednesday that Bosh had to return home. Bosh left from New York on a private plane, and his wife, Adrienne, posted a photo on a social media account saying “hurry home.”

The Heat have not ruled Bosh out for Game 3. The team will hold a morning shootaround practice at Madison Square Garden.

With Amar’e vs Extinguisher and the injury to Iman Shumpert, this has to be a glimmer of hope for a Knicks fan base that hasn’t seen a playoff victory in more than 4000 days. Of course, there is a possibility he comes back in time to play.

Baby Bosh was due in a few weeks so we hope this is just a case of the baby wanting to come out during a series where dad may not be needed as much and not a complication.

We wish the three of them the best.

How awesome would it be if this was the first thing Baby Bosh saw his father doing?


Welcome to the world Baby Bosh…

11 thoughts on “Chris Bosh Returns to Miami to Be With Pregnant Wife Adrienne, May Miss Game 3 vs Knicks

  • At least it is a “Wife” instead of a jump-off.

  • Congratulations to the Bosh family and my homeboy Chris.
    Glad you made it in time to see your kid born. Take your time, I am also taking a little time off from this little meaningless 1st Round Series! At this point anything you can do to help take the foot of our throats will be appreciated. Sometimes people take this basketball thing like if it were a real business but they need to chill because it just a game.

    Signed, Amare Stoudamire – New York Knicks

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