Clippers Confident They Can Sign Chris Paul and Blake Griffin to Long Term Deals

The key is Chris Paul.

If Paul stays, Blake Griffin will stay. If Paul leaves, Griffin has to consider taking his talents elsewhere. Paul hasn’t said anything in regard to wanting to leave or exploring his options, so that is a good thing for the Clippers.

It would be better when he actually signs a long term deal.

Griffin is eligible to sign an extension with the organization this summer or he could become a restricted free agent after next season, while Paul is under contract only for one more year.

The Clippers say they are confident they’ll be able to retain both players for a long time.

“I feel those things are going to get done,” Clippers president Andy Roeser told “The important thing is that we have to do other things to improve the team. But I believe we’ll do those things and ultimately I believe those two players (Griffin and Paul) are going to play out their careers here.”

We will see, if I am Paul I would play out my contract and then explore my options. If I am Blake, I don’t do anything until I get some assurances that Paul is staying around for awhile.