Curt Schilling’s Video Game Company Fails, Owes $75 Million, Lays Off Entire Staff

Curt Schilling has been talking about this groundbreaking video game that he was going to come out with for years. Almost since the day he retired.

He started up a company has been making appearances talking about how this game was going to change the industry and put his company on the map.

Didn’t quite work out that way.

Curt Schilling’s video game company 38 Studios has been in deep financial trouble for some time now. On Thursday, the former All-Star pitcher laid off all employees at his Rhode Island-based company. The move was made due to financial difficulties, according to what a company insider told the Boston Globe. The company had nearly 400 employees on its active payroll. 38 Studios had received a $75 million loan from Rhode Island in 2010 to ensure a move from Maynard to the state’s capital in Providence.

Earlier this month, the Rhode Island government held an emergency meeting after Schilling’s company was more than two weeks late on a $1.1 million payment. Not only did 38 Studios miss the loan payment, but they were also unable to make payroll and even lost a number of their top financial officials in recent weeks.

People put their faith in Schilling and he let them down. He has always been a con artist, I bet a lot of that $75 million is in his bank account right now.

He is a fraud who should be investigated.

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