Deion Sanders Charged For Trying to Destroy Evidence in Pilar Sanders Altercation

Initially it appear that Pilar Sanders was the one who was at fault in the altercation that led to her arrest. While Deion has made a few public appearances to defend himself, slowly more evidence is coming out that he isn’t innocent as he makes it appear.

Why else would he try to destroy a phone that was videotaping the incident?

Police sought a second charge against former football star Deion Sanders on Thursday stemming from an altercation with his estranged wife and her friend at the couple’s home in a Dallas suburb last month. Police officials in Prosper, Texas, said they had asked the Collin County District Attorney’s office to consider filing a charge of misdemeanor criminal mischief against the 44-year-old Hall of Famer.

An attorney for Pilar Sanders, Peter Schulte, said the new charge is connected to Sanders’ attempt to destroy a cell phone Boswell was using to record the altercation.

“We believe that he destroyed the property of another to conceal the evidence,” Schulte said, adding that the phone’s memory card was recovered and turned over to authorities for further investigation.

Common sense tells you if you are a person committing a crime you wouldn’t have someone recording it. You would be incriminating yourself.

Is there something on the phone that Deion doesn’t want the world to see?

Just a strange situation and hopefully the person who is truly at fault is punished.